Our Harvesting Team in Scotland

Contact us for further details of our excellent prices being offered for standing and roadside timber.

Gavin Brown (Regional Manager)
Tel: 07769 641667. Email: gavin.brown@tilhill.com

Alan Christison (Regional Manager)
Tel: 07770 498210. Email: alan.christison@tilhill.com


Use the numbers on the map to match which harvesting manager you should contact for your area.

1. Carol Davidson
Tel: 07768 697931. Email: carol.davidson@tilhill.com

2. Niall Duncan
Tel: 07500 552630. Email: niall.duncan@tilhill.com

3. Frank Tomlinson
Tel: 07831 157407. Email: francis.tomlinson@tilhill.com

4. Adam McLean
Tel: 07789 923797. Email: adam.mclean@tilhill.com

5 & 6. Lindsay Wood
Tel: 07766 776283. Email: lindsay.wood@tilhill.com

7. Richard Rattray
Tel: 07774 732842. Email: richard.rattray@tilhill.com

8. Peter Bowsher
Tel: 07778 217446. Email: peter.bowsher@tilhill.com

9. Malcolm Robinson
Tel: 07831 175413. Email: malcolm.robinson@tilhill.com

10. Nick Martin
Tel: 07831 329806. Email: nick.martin@tilhill.com








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