Woodland Creation Grants in Scotland

The Scottish Government has a world-leading vision for a zero-carbon society. Sustainable forestry remains a key part of government policy and, as such, has 9 different models of woodland creation grant which can be combined to generate diverse woodlands depending on the owners’ objectives and local woodland strategies, which in turn aim to guide where woodlands should be planted and which themes and objectives best deliver local priorities.

Grants are based on standard costs and payment rates are calculated at 90% of standard costs for priority or preferred target areas and at 80% for all other standard areas. Sheep farmers can also claim additional infrastructure grants for improving access for future timber extraction to avoid creating land-locked farm woodlands inaccessible for timber extraction.

The models define the relative proportions of the main species, other species, proportion of native species and designed open ground.

Ancillary capital items are also funded, including fencing, dyke restoration, tree protection, bracken control and gorse removal. Tree protection costs are limited to 150% of the total capital cost for initial planting, to ensure that fencing grants are not disproportionately high.

Capital grants are claimed and paid on completion of planting and annual maintenance grants are paid for 5 years after planting, in arrears.

Woodland Creation Grants Table

Woodland Creation optionPayment rates in standard areasPayment rates in target areas
Initial planting
payment rate (£/ha)
Annual maintenance payment rate
(£/ha/year) for
five years *
Total payment rate (£/ha)Initial planting
payment rate(£/ha)
Annual maintenance payment rate
(£/ha/year) for
five years *
Total payment rate (£/ha)
Diverse Conifer2160336384024303784320
Native Scots Pine1840272320020703063600
Native Upland Birch1840128248020701442790
Native Broadleaves1840272320020703063600
Native Low-density Broadleaves5609610406301081170
Small or Farm Woodland2400400440027004504950
Native Broadleaves in Northern and Western Isles36006246720n/an/an/a

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