Woodland Creation Grants in Scotland

The Scottish Government has a world-leading vision for a zero-carbon society and Scotland’s woodlands and forests are a vital national resource playing an important role in rural development and sustainable land use.  

As well as helping to reduce the impacts of climate change and providing timber for industry, the forests enhance and protect the environment and provide opportunities for public enjoyment.  

New woodland creation can help you deliver your own objectives be they conservation, farm diversification, timber production, or amenity and can be a  sound investment. 

The Forestry Grant Scheme (FGS) will support: 

  • The creation of new woodlands – contributing towards the Scottish Government target of 15,000 hectares of new woodlands per year, rising to 18,000 hectares from 2024/2025.  

To support sustainable forestry Scottish government offers a wide range of grant support for new woodland creation.   

  • 9 different models of woodland creation grants can be combined to generate diverse woodlands depending on the owners’ objectives and local woodland strategies.  
  • 7 local priorities are further reflected by differing grant levels for target areas and woodland types. 
  • 3 areas of the Central Scotland Green Network can further enhance funding 
  • 21  ancillary capital items are also funded including, fencing, dyke restoration, tree protection, bracken control, Gorse removal and a variety of other options as variations.  
  • 2 options on how maintenance payments can be paid are offered to suit different projects 
  • 1 loan scheme is also available to help with cash flow for smaller projects  
  • These grants can be combined with support for natural regeneration, building infrastructure to access your woodland, management of deer and further support for integrating projects at a landscape scale.  

    And there is more…. 

With so many options it can be tricky to see which combinations might suit your project.  That is of course where your local Tilhill woodland manager can help.  We successfully draw down grants for dozens of schemes each year so we understand the intricacies of how to maximise support for your project. 

To give you detail on just some of the grant support available read on or call your local Tilhill office.  

Woodland Creation Grants Table 

Woodland Creation option  Payment rates in standard areas      Payment rates in target areas     
  Initial planting
payment rate (£/ha) 
Annual maintenance payment rate
(£/ha/year) for
five years * 
Total payment rate (£/ha)  Initial planting
payment rate(£/ha) 
Annual maintenance payment rate
(£/ha/year) for
five years * 
Total payment rate (£/ha) 
Conifer  1920  208  2960  2160  234  3330 
Diverse Conifer  2160  336  3840  2430  378  4320 
Broadleaves  2880  528  5520  3240  594  6210 
Native Scots Pine  1840  272  3200  2070  306  3600 
Native Upland Birch  1840  128  2480  2070  144  2790 
Native Broadleaves  1840  272  3200  2070  306  3600 
Native Low-density Broadleaves  560  96  1040  630  108  1170 
Small or Farm Woodland  2400  400  4400  2700  450  4950 
Native Broadleaves in Northern and Western Isles  3600  624  6720  n/a  n/a  n/a 

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