Timber Harvesting and Marketing

Getting the best possible return from a woodland or forest is vital. Timber harvested from well managed forests and woodland can generate substantial income for the owner.

Tilhill’s harvesting business has a countrywide network of professional harvesting managers able to deliver the full range of harvesting and timber marketing services whilst adhering to the highest standards of safety, environmental and quality assurance.

At the heart of our service is the expertise of our people who have an understanding of all aspects of the forestry industry as well as the needs of our customers. Our management and operational teams are equipped with the latest technology to ensure quick decision-making and prompt access to timber markets.

We work with a diverse range of contractors and hauliers who are able to provide the complete spectrum of harvesting and haulage equipment required to enable them to deal with every type of timber harvesting challenge they might encounter. As a result, our operations range from small, highly sensitive thinning procedures to large-scale high-production operations where economies of scale are paramount for securing the best financial returns.

Maximising Timber Value

We trade more than 2 million tonnes of roundwood per annum and have excellent relationships with the full range of processing and biomass markets in the UK.

Tilhill is the major supplier of logs to BSW’s seven sawmills across the UK with a guaranteed offtake for logs and opportunity for growers to enter into both short and long-term supply arrangements. In addition, we have the contract to source and manage the total supply of wood and biomass for UPM’s UK mills.

With our network of contacts, we are able to utilise and find markets for the whole tree at the best possible price for every component delivering best value for all your timber products harvested from your forest or woodland.

A responsible approach

We are committed to keeping all our operators and field staff at the forefront of training and awareness, particularly in site safety and environmental risk management. The quality of our safety management processes and incident records have been regularly recognised at the highest level by the annual RoSPA Awards.

Tilhill continues to develop its operating techniques working in conjunction with our contractors and ever mindful of our responsibility for safety, quality and the environment. The company has ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environmental) and OHSAS 18001 (Health and Safety) accreditations.

Harry Stevens | Tilhill - Timber Buying Director

Harry Stevens, Timber Buying Director for Tilhill discusses his role and commercial forestry, and how it contributes to the economy, both locally and UK-wide.