Woodland Grant Funding in Wales

Grant aid in Wales is through the Glastir Woodland Creation (GWC), Glastir Woodland Restoration (GWR) and The Woodland Investment Grant (TWIG).

Tilhill has the experience and knowledge to be able to guide you through the whole grants and woodland creation process.


Grants for the Creation of New Woodland

Glastir Woodland Creation (GWC)

The Welsh Government is committed to planting more trees in Wales through GWC to deliver a wide range of benefits.

Four different grant categories are available, each with their own payment levels and requirements, providing support for creation of a broad spectrum of woodland types to meet a range of ownership objectives.  

GWC grants are awarded on a competitive points system with expressions of interest currently being invited twice a year. Grant rates depend on the type of planting and are bolstered by ‘income foregone’ and ‘Basic’ (formerly Single Farm) payments.

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Planting a New Woodland in Wales

Tilhill offers support to plan a woodland, access grants and plant your woodland.