Digital Maps & Surveys

Informed Decision Making

A good survey and map of your property is the first step to informed decision making.

Tilhill uses the latest technology to provide a bespoke surveying and mapping service to meet this need.


Producing an aerial photo-interpretation of the forest property using the latest photography is an important first step in the process. The subsequent analysis of this information on a Geographic Information System (GIS) allows the forest manager to add value to the data and thereby make key decisions on the future management of the woodland. This can be through visualising forest designs on a map with related statistics or the generation of 3D perspectives to show the development of the forest and how this will fit into the surrounding landscape over a period of time.

Our skills allow us to combine a whole range of data sources into the GIS to assist with this process. This can include such diverse technologies as ground-based GPS surveys through to remotely sensed data such as Airborne LiDAR Surveys (ALS) that can quantify tree growth and utilising UAV technology to capture images for assessing recent changes to the crop.

Our highly experienced team provide the client with a responsive, professional service to suit their particular mapping needs.