Woodland Grant Funding in England

What Funding is available? 

Grants for woodland management and woodland creation are currently administered mainly through the Countryside Stewardship Scheme (CS) or the Forestry Commission’s array of forestry specific grants.  

The grants cover various activities including; 

  • Woodland creation (tree planting and maintenance) 
  • Woodland fencing 
  • Woodland infrastructure 
  • Invasive species control 
  • Woodland improvement 

For access to most funding, the woodland must have a Forestry Commission approved Woodland Management Plan in place, and be registered with the Rural Payments Agency (RPA). The preparation of the Woodland Management Plan can also be grant funded by at least £1000. 

Utilising our experience, Tilhill has brought many woodlands into the different schemes in the past year with sizes of properties ranging between 3 hectares and 250 hectares. Forest Manager Hugh Davies handles the majority of woodland management grants in South East England. 

Commenting on the creation of a Woodland Management Plan, Hugh said: “There are many things to consider when creating a management plan; access, pest and diseases, deer control and felling programs to name but a few. Evolving a plan can be a long process and requires initial site visits, land searches, stakeholder correspondence, detailed mapping and a ten year work program.’ 

The process can be complicated. This is why we put the plan together on behalf of the client, submit the applications and oversee the woodland for 5 years while the grant scheme is live. We also keep records of income and expenditure to evidence that the grant money is being put back into woodland management.” 

Capital items such as the examples listed below can also be applied for within the Countryside Stewardship grant scheme. 

  • Deer enclosure plots are funded at £136.00 per unit. These items can be used to monitor deer browsing levels. 
  • Tree planting is funded per tree at £1.28 per tree. Minimum agreement size 3ha.  
  • Rhododendron Control is funded at £2,800.00 per hectare. This includes initial clearance by flail or cutting then controlling any regrowth. 


Will Brexit impact the future of the Woodland Schemes? 

Countryside Stewardship is funded through the EU and is due to close for new applications in 2021. Countryside Stewardship schemes applied for in 2021 will go live fully in 2024.

A new grant scheme called the Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMS) is being developed by DEFRA at present and is due to go live in 2022. The level of funding available through this new scheme and finer details are currently unknown, but we can keep you up-to-date with any advancements. 

For more information or to speak to one of our Forest Managers contact us using the form below or email: enquiries@tilhill.com


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