Wildlife Surveys & Assessments

Our skills and resources enable us to provide a single source service to survey, plan, design, build, mitigate and monitor projects.

We are unique in that we employ in-house ecologists to carry out the wide range of environmental work that goes hand in hand with all aspects of professional forestry and woodland services.

Some projects require an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) because of their scale, location, or perceived impact on the environment. Our in-house ecologists are experienced in carrying out EIAs and are able to advise on the best and most cost-effective approach. Tilhill has an unparalleled service offering when it comes to EIA’s, especially for large scale and complex schemes. The quality of many of our the larger projects have been regularly recognised by the Scotland Finest Woodland Awards.

In addition, our specialists hold a range of licences for protected species work. These include working on bat, badger, dormouse, red squirrel, otter and water vole surveys. We can also provide: reptile and amphibian surveys, including great crested newt; breeding and wintering bird surveys; terrestrial invertebrate surveys; as well as aquatic surveys, including white-clawed crayfish, meiofauna and fish.

Our ecologists help us understand the Natural Capital of our client’s forests, including aspects such as Golden and White Tailed Eagles.