About Us

Whatever a forest or woodland owner’s objectives for their property entails, Tilhill is ideally placed to fulfil those requirements to the most professional of standards.

We have been in the forest management industry for over 70 years. The first plantations we created have been harvested, replanted and are about due for harvesting again. In fact, some of our existing senior staff have been with us for as long as at least one full crop rotation and really do reap what they have sown. Our graduates on the other hand, are just planning and planting their first forests for the future.

Trees are at the heart of Tilhill. We help to purchase forests and woodlands, we design, plant, protect and maintain them, provide the engineering skills to access the timber contained within them then harvest for the best quality timber which we market to achieve the best price for our customers.

As an overlay to this work, we are also skilled at advising on and acquiring funding, as well as using the most up-to-date technology to survey and map the forests and woodlands. The integrity of the environment and the safety of our staff, contractors and the public is uppermost in everything we do.

Safety first – Always

Safety always comes first in everything we do. The quality of our safety management processes and incident records has been regularly recognised at the highest level by the annual RoSPA Awards. We don’t keep our learning to ourselves, we also work with others in the industry to improve the safety in our forests. We are proud to be one of the founding members of the Forest Industry Safety Accord (FISA). Our desire for FISA’s work to become integral to the industry is supported by enabling key staff time to participate in the various work groups that together enable FISA to operate.

As you would expect from a professional forestry company, we are fully ISO certified to ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environmental) and ISO 45001 (Health and Safety). Additionally, we are actively involved in research and development into new tree species to enable our forests and woodlands of the future to be as resilient as possible to whatever changes our climate might bring.

Team work at its best

To best utilise all our skills, our forestry and harvesting managers work closely together to provide our clients with a seamless package of integrated services. This enables each manager to draw not only on his own specialist knowledge but also that of the rest of the team. This working arrangement also means our clients enjoy the continuity of our high quality safety and assurance processes across all their requirements.

We also take our skills into the landscaping arena where our work ranges tremendously. We create and reinstate ponds and restore heathland as well as design and plant parks and formal gardens. Thanks to our unique parentage, we also can provide a range of choice when it comes to fencing. Our work on the sides of our motorways and ‘A’ roads make the roadside view from our car windows much more pleasant.


Our people

Our people are our greatest asset. The company expects all our forest managers to become Chartered Foresters and actively supports them in this process. This gives our clients and customers the assurance that our managers are working to the highest professional standards.

We work closely with universities so we are at the forefront of the best forestry graduate’s minds. Once we acquire staff, we recognise the importance of keeping them. Our bespoke, in-house, Management Development Programme provides a platform for staff at all levels to develop their careers and skill sets, whilst enjoying the quality package of benefits you would expect of an industry leading company. We take growing our people as seriously as we grow trees.

Our owners

Tilhill is part of the BSW Group owned by binderholz. BSW is the most technologically advanced sawmill company in the UK employing over 1200 people. The Company’s roots date back to 1848, and with seven sawmills in the UK and one in Latvia, has a production capacity of more than 1.2 million m3 of sawn timber which is distributed throughout the construction, fencing and landscape markets. Visit www.bsw.co.uk to find out more.

Together, BSW and Tilhill form the largest fully integrated forestry company – a strong partnership delivering quality from beginning to end – from creating new forests through to producing timber end products.

Your experience with us

All in all, we hope that being a part of Tilhill, whether you are a customer, client, contractor, supplier or a member of our valued staff, is the most professional and enjoyable experience that you and your forestry or woodland deserve.

The Leader Magazine 2020

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