South east

Lowland Woodlands

Woodland Investment is a specialist form of forestry investing which is more common in lowland or deciduous woodlands, especially in easily accessible locations.

These woodland properties tend to have a much smaller proportion of their value tied up in timber. Therefore, in woodland investment terms, returns based purely on the biological growth of timber volume are usually less attractive than say Sitka spruce plantations in the north and west of Britain.

However, with the correct management strategy, woodland investment can generate investment returns to rival traditional forestry, or indeed exceed it.

Our woodland managers are experts in the implementation of strategies to harness the potential of woodlands to their maximum, so as an owner you can both gain a suitable return on your investment, and enjoy the tangibility of a green asset within easy reach of home.

For further information about the many possibilities owning a woodland can bring you, call Peter Chappell, Head of Forestry Investment on 07825 351989 or email him at: peter.chappell@tilhill.com