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Risk Assessment

Do you have a risk assessment for the tasks you undertake at work?

However, have you considered if those risk assessments cover the activities at the start of and end of works?

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Safety and Assurance Bulletin June 2023

Wildfire Risk

As summer approaches with warmer drier weather, and the school holidays begin, we can expect an increased risk of wildfires, as we do each summer.

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Summer Working

Whilst many of us look forward to the drier, warmer weather and longer days of the summer. However, they do come with some specific risks to our Health and Safety.
We have written many times in the Bulletin about the risks.

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Waste Away

Waste from our operations and the importance of good ‘housekeeping’
There is a raft of legal requirements concerning waste management and ‘duty of care’

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In the News Elsewhere

Haulage firms fined £2.2m after depot manager is killed by reversing truck.

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Tick-Borne Encephalitis in the UK

The risk of Tick-Borne Encephalitis (TBE) is still very low – only one person is confirmed to have been infected in England so far last year, but the tick species that carries the virus is widespread in the UK. Most people do not develop symptoms but swelling to the brain is possible.

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