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Tilhill Forestry can supply assessment reports, valuations, investment appraisals, GIS surveys and negotiate the purchase of woodland property.

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Properties (24)

Lylestone Wood

34.65 | £220,000) | Coniferous Commercial

A highly attractive commercial woodland with high yielding spruce crop, interesting features and a diverse mix of broadleaved species. For further...

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89.39 | £685,000) | Coniferous Commercial

Balnagowan is predominately a mid-rotation Scots pine woodland with a small proportion of mature Norway spruce. The woodland has a...

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Cwm-Byr Woods

72.58 | £640,000) | Coniferous Commercial

Commercial forestry in mid Wales.  The property is upland in nature and is broken into three blocks.  The quality of...

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Windleway Wood

14.47 | £170,000) | Mixed Commercial and Amenity

This is quite a typical west Wales woodland tucked away down a narrow lane.  The shape of the wood is slightly...

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Clapland Wood

30.78 | £350,000) | Mixed Commercial and Amenity

A mixed property including conifer crops from the 1980s and some nice beech. This is a pure forestry property with the...

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17.2 | £135,000) | Coniferous Commercial

Cywyn is a 17.2 ha commercial woodland. It is a highly secluded property accessed via a right of way running...

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Llwyndewi Bank Wood

21.68 | £160,000) | Mixed Commercial and Amenity

Llwyndewi Bank is a unique young woodland property.  The current tree species is a highly diverse mix of conifers and...

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Braemore Wood

82.56 | £375,000) | Coniferous Commercial

Braemore Wood is a compact commercial forest near Inverness in North Scotland. The forest has excellent access via an agreed timber...

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Off Market Opportunity 1

47.7 | £325,000) | Land for Planting

Land for afforestation in the Brecon Beacons.   Tilhill Forestry is not acting as the selling agent and is free to advise...

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Flimby Great Wood & Buckbank Wood

87.63 | £500,000) | Commercial Broadleaf

Available in two Lots, Flimby Great Woods offers an opportunity to purchase a large woodland which will be of interest...

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Off market opportunity (2)

72.6 | £00) | Land for Planting

A well sized land parcel for a commercial Welsh afforestation project. The land is predominantly understood to be plantable and...

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Ribreck Forest & Cabin

120.1 | £575,000) | Mixed Commercial and Amenity

A predominantly commercial conifer plantation, Ribreck has the additional benefit of offering attractive sporting opportunity in a beautiful part of...

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Cywyn Fach

0.2 | £9,500) | Amenity

Cywyn fach is a small amenity woodland in Carmarthenshire.  It benefits from a central access track which joins to a...

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Blackingstone Wood

54.45 | £615,000) | Coniferous Commercial

Blackingstone is a highly commercial timber growing property.  The main species is Sitka spruce.  There is a small area of...

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Park Wood and Field

34.52 | £350,000) | Mixed Commercial and Amenity

Park Wood and Field will be an interesting proposition for those seeking a commercial timber growing business using native broadleaves...

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Great Thorndean Wood

36.11 | £620,000) | Mixed Commercial and Amenity

Great Thorndean Wood is an interesting proposition for a buyer with mixed commercial and amenity objectives. The site includes ancient woodland,...

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Lower Morgay Wood

15.3 | £285,000) | Amenity

Lower Morgay is a bluebell wood with native broadleaves.  With professional management both the productive potential and conservation aspect of...

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Off market opportunity (5)

36.4 | £POA) | Coniferous Commercial

Bare land recently felled and now ready for replanting. Tilhill Forestry is not acting as the selling agent and is free...

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Shilhay Wood

24.55 | £385,000) | Coniferous Commercial

Shillhay woodland is an exciting commercial prospect ideal for an individual investor who is interested in the south west of...

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Swordale Hill Forest

198 | £1,900,000) | Coniferous Commercial

A well located and productive spruce dominated commercial forest. Swordale Hill boasts significant areas of growing timber with production expected...

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Ghriama Wood

57 | £148,000) | Coniferous Commercial

A small commercial spruce dominated woodland with potential for deer stalking and fishing on Loch Shin. Tilhill Forestry is not acting...

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Poneil Woodland

36.84 | £295,000) | Coniferous Commercial

A compact easily accessible commercial conifer plantation located close to timber markets in Central Scotland. Recently thinned, this wood presents...

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Bernisdale & Snizort East and West

464 | £3,015,000) | Coniferous Commercial

A small portfolio of properties on the beautiful Isle of Skye. The three properties are expected to yield good volumes...

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Glenvicaskill & Balmeanach (Lot 2)

1400 | £1,565,000) | Coniferous Commercial

A very large commercial conifer property located on the beautiful Isle of Skye. With suitable capital improvements this property has...

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