Woodland For Sale

Welcome to Tilhill’s ‘Woodland For Sale’ page. Tilhill employs a specialist Forestry Investment Team dedicated in supporting clients to invest in forestry and woodland.

This is a full end-to-end service, which starts with finding a suitable property for sale that matches the needs of our client, from woodland creation, conservation, timber income to carbon credit related objectives. Tilhill can supply assessment reports, valuations, investment appraisals, GIS surveys and negotiate the purchase of woodland property through to providing support through the purchasing process.

We divide our property acquisition opportunities into 4 types

Forestry investments
Forestry investment properties are forests which include at least 20 hectares of conifers and contain at least 50% conifer content overall. As forests they tend to be managed with a primary objective of timber production.

Mixed woodlands
Mixed woodlands are woodlands or forests of at least 10 ha in size which do not meet the criteria of inclusion in the forestry investment category. They therefore include either >50% native woodland or are between 10 ha and 20 ha in size. Mixed woodlands may be managed for various different objectives including timber production, amenity, conservation, sporting, recreation or rural development.

Planting land
We define planting land as land of being at least 10 ha in size, where at least 50% of the area is likely to be suitable for woodland creation featuring conifer forestry crops grown with an objective of timber production. Planting land only includes land where a business case can be made for woodland creation, so only land of low agricultural productivity is likely to fall into the planting land category. Planting land is most suited to forestry investors seeking long term returns derived from growth of timber producing crops.

Natural Capital
Natural capital land includes various land types where objectives are best suited to an alternative to agriculture with non-timber production focused objectives, such as carbon sequestration or biodiversity net gain. It includes land for woodland creation with native trees, peatlands with potential for restoration, or other land with potential to generate Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES). Natural capital land only includes land where a business case can be made for conversation to the alternative objectives based on the PES income streams available, so only land of low agricultural productivity is likely to fall into the natural capital land category.

Please use the search facilities below to find the forestry and woodland properties we have available. If you want to work with us in finding a property please use the ‘Talk to us’ box at the bottom of this page.

Tilhill’s woodland for sale forestry and woodland property list is produced for guidance only and while the detail given is believed to be correct no liability will be accepted for omissions, errors or mis-statements.

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