Timber Talks with Harry Stevens 

Timber Talks is a short interview series with Tilhill’s Timber Buying Director Harry Stevens and Georgina Thomas aiming to openly talk about timber harvesting in the UK and it’s importance with supplying home-grown timber.

Harry has worked in forestry since he was 19 years old and spent 25 years in Harvesting with another 16 years with BSW Timber before joining the Tilhill board in 2015.


The UK Timber Market past and present, timber prices and drivers, worldwide demand, timber supply, imports, keeping up with demand, the environment, economical and societal benefits, sawmills, contractors and much more..

TIMBER TALKS From Forest to Timber Products: Inside and Outside the BSW Timber K2 Sawmill in Fort William

Harry Stevens, Tilhill’s Timber Buying Director and BSW Group Forestry Director delivers a tour of the BSW Timber K2 Sawmill in Fort William.

Harry shares the journey of the timber from the forest to the sawmill processes and into the timber end products and co-products.

Harry also speaks to Ewan Robertson, Tilhill’s Senior Area Timber Buyer for North Scotland to discuss the sawmill capacity, the use of the sea port onsite for timber deliveries and Scandinavian exports.

TIMBER TALKS at The UK Forest Market Report 2023

Harry Stevens, Tilhill’s Timber Buying Director and BSW Group Forestry Director talks live from The UK Forest Market Report event at the WWT London Wetland Centre to discuss the subject of trees for timber.

We talk about feeding the UK’s need for construction timber, landscaping products and much more and how trees will help the UK to decarbonise.

But the challenge we face is the recognition of commercial forests, in both the planning, planting, and harvesting, in order to supply a home-grown timber crop and reduce our reliance on imports.

Why does a crop of potatoes garner more respect than a crop of spruce trees when spruce arrived in the UK first?

Harry also discusses Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) and Glulam Beams as an alternative to concrete in buildings and therefore a perfect choice for architects and developers looking to decarbonise. – Showing examples from parent company binderholz sawmills. Harry also discusses a Timber Market Overview and outlook.

Timber Talks - The Ins and Outs: Managing a Sustainable Timber Harvesting Site in Argyll

In this video episode Timber Buying Director Harry Stevens visits a Forestry and Land Scotland active harvesting site in Argyll, Scotland. Joined by Harvesting Manager, Fraser Pole, Tilhill Harvesting North to explore site management and planning, wildlife buffer exclusion zones, windblow, public access management, water quality, the Dick Brothers machinery , timber supply and the site species choice.

Timber Talks - Felling Larch with Phytophthora Ramorum - Live from Lake Vyrnwy

Georgina asks Harry why the UK is felling so much larch? This episode delves deeper into the effects of larch disease, Phytophthora ramorum on the timber market and sawmills and what is being done in response to the disease. The episode is recorded at Lake Vyrnwy managed by Tilhill on behalf of water company Hafren Dyfrdwy which is currently undergoing larch felling.

Sawmill Coproducts at BSW Carlisle Sawmill Part 1

What products come from our UK sawmills? Part 1: Georgina Thomas interviews Harry Stevens, Tilhill Timber Buying Director at the BSW Timber Carlisle Sawmill to discuss the various coproducts produced from the timber. Looking at: Bark, chips and sawdust

Sawmill Products at BSW Carlisle Sawmill Part 2

Timber is important! Demand is set to quadruple by 2050. Tilhill’s Timber Talks series aims to educate the public and update our clients on the ins and outs of timber. Watch this episode of Timber Talks at BSW Carlisle sawmill with our Timber Buying Director to discover the journey of the harvested trees into all the well used products which are created in the process. Products include: Construction for housing and roofing, decking, fence panels and garden sleepers.

A Timber Market Update for 2023

Harry Stevens, Timber Buying Director (Tilhill and BSW Timber) provides a snapshot review of the UK timber market, the effect on sawmills and standing timber prices.

Harry also looks ahead at the timber market forecasts. Will we see the demand for timber again? Also, find out about BSW Group’s recent purchase of the UK’s largest pallet manufacturer. -Recorded at BSW Timber, Carlisle Sawmill

A Timber Market Update Live From The UK Forest Market Report 2022

Harry Stevens, Tilhill’s Timber Buying Director presents Timber Talks episode 11 live from the UK Forest Market Report 2022 launch in Edinburgh at the Signet Library. Georgina Thomas, Assistant Marketing Manager at Tilhill asks what is going on in the timber and wood products market and is there enough trees being planted for future supply and demand.

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From Forests to Sawmill

Timber Talks Episode 10 is live from the BSW Sawmill in Carlisle. Where does all the harvested timber go and what products get made? Harry Stevens, Tilhill’s Timber Buying Director talks us through the various products and treatments in the yard that came from local sustainably harvested woodlands, ending with a brief look into the sawmill building.

Are Timber Prices Rising or Falling?

Harry Stevens, Tilhill’s Timber Buying Director presents Timber Talks episode 9. Georgina Thomas, Assistant Marketing Manager at Tilhill asks whether timber prices are rising or falling? and Is there a timber shortage?

Roadside Timber, Wagons, Haulage & Machine Operators

Harry Stevens, Tilhill’s Timber Buying Director presents Timber Talks episode 8. On a harvesting site in Scotland Harry talks us through the different log types and their end use from fencing to construction. Harry shows how the timber is hauled, the impact on the road from the wagons and the shortage of specialised machine operators.

Timber Talks: The Global market (episode 7)

Following the sad events in Ukraine, Harry tells us some of the impacts it has had on the global forest products markets and other effects we are seeing today.

Productive Forests; Societal & Economic Benefits (Episode 6)

This episode is on site at a Forestry Land & Scotland (FLS) public productive forest in South West Scotland. Harry discusses the timber end products and the importance of productive forests for the economy and society as a whole alongside the benefits to wildlife. Harry touches on carbon and species choice plus he addresses the ongoing debate of conifer vs broadleaf and ‘the right tree in the right place’.

Dick Brothers Ltd and Our Contractors (Episode 5)

This Episode features:
An overview of Dick Brothers Ltd from inside their workshop.
Contractors; Find out about Tilhill’s contractors and how safety has changed over the years.

Timber Harvesting Updates (Episode 4)

This Episode features another market update for 2022: The state of forest products: Supply chain looking back at 2021 Outcomes of Storm Arwen The UK Timber Market 2022 The BSW Group acquisition by Binderholz and a new brand unveiling.

A Timber Harvesting Site - (Episode 3)

This Episode features an onsite interview from an active harvesting site in Scotland covering: An active timber harvesting site Timber activities Diffuse pollution The UK Timber Market 2021 What a timber harvesting site looks like and why

Small Roundwood (Episode 2)

This episode covers: What is small roundwood? What types of small roundwood are there? What is the current and future trends for small roundwood? Looking at chip wood, pulp wood, fuel wood and fencing.

The UK Timber Market 2021 with Harry Stevens (Episode 1)

This Episode covers: Harry’s Job The UK Timber Market 2021 Rising Timber Prices and Drivers Worldwide Demand Timber Supply and Imports Keeping up with demand

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