David Chudleigh

David Chudleigh BSc - Harvesting Manager

First joining Tilhill in 2005, David started his harvesting career in North Wales under the watchful eyes of Wyn Humphreys and Gwyn Jones. After 2 years an opportunity arose in the South West of England where due to the expansion of the business, a position became available for Harvesting Manager of South West England. Being born in the Westcountry, it was a chance not to be missed, and he has worked closely with the Southern forestry team ever since.

During his time in the South West there have been hundreds of harvesting activities undertaken over the years, all involving the purchasing of timber from in house clients, Forestry Commission, Agents and landowners. Other key activities include the management of the contract and contractors and the organisation of timber transport using multiple hauliers. Dealing with a diverse and varied customer base with varying requirements, David sells timber to anyone and everyone from the small family business, through to the large national sawmilling companies in the UK.

There have been many project highlights which include the purchasing and selling of high quality oak sawlogs for bespoke joinery and flooring, timber export of 3 cargo ships to Germany from Plymouth and Falmouth, the supply of Red Cedar sawlogs for timber log cabins and the supply of oak beams for the timber frame of the Greyhound Lugger.

Contact David for all your South West of England timber harvesting requests from timber harvesting in Devon, Dorset, Cornwall, Portsmouth and Southhampton.