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Certain topics deserve greater focus. Our case studies provide you with more in-depth analysis on key subjects that we consider important.

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Forestry and Flooding

Introduction As the UK endures yet another winter that has brought floods to several parts of the country, many people are asking what can and should be done in order to protect themselves and their property in the future? This is a particularly urgent question to answer given the fact that,...


Scottish farmland being returned back to a forest by Tilhill Forestry

Tilhill Forestry is managing a project to convert a large upland sheep and cattle farm extending to just over 1000ha, close to Newcastleton in Scotland, into what will become a significant area of productive forest – helping to meet government targets for planting and supporting the wood processing industry. The land...



What is rewilding? Rewilding is achieved by restoring ecosystems to a functioning state by re-establishing declining or entirely missing native species with the intention of creating a system that can look after itself whilst also helping society to thrive. It can be applied to all terrestrial and marine habitats, but Tilhill’s...

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