Nature, Landscape and Ecological Enhancements

The scheme sought to develop new burial capacity within in order to address the shortage of burial space in the borough.

This project helped to:

Nature, Landscape and Ecological Enhancements

The works at Camberwell New Cemetery, Area B are located in Camberwell
New Cemetery, Honor Oak, Southwark, London, SE23 3RD. Works were carried out between January 2018 and November 2018.

It encompassed four parts consisting of:

  1. An area of old hardstanding and contaminated land, previously occupied by Honor Oak Nursery (a Council parks depot, horticultural nursery and training centre) which was demolished in 1990 (known as Area B).
  2. A maintenance depot which serves Camberwell New Cemetery and Camberwell Old Cemetery (known as Area C1).
  3. A car park with 32 spaces which serves visitors to the cemetery, allotments and sports ground (known as Area C2).
  4. A small strip of land within Area A which is unused for burials.

Removal of the areas of hardstanding and remediation of the contaminated land within Area B so the site could be used for burials.

  • 6500m3 of material was removed from site, 2000m3 of which was hazardous and 2500m3 non-hazardous.
  • 6500m3 of fill material and top soil was imported to site.
  • 300 tonnes of concrete was crushed on site and reused as part of the works.
  • 1000m3 of concrete was removed from site.

Landscape enhancements included:

  • Incorporation of an existing vehicular access point (previously unused) as a route for hearses;
  • New pedestrian footpaths;
  • Drainage improvements incorporating swales and French drains;
  • Tree removals;
  • Soft landscape improvements such as native hedges, trees, marginals and grass seeding and turfing.

Ecological enhancements included:

  • Bird and bat boxes.
  • A small wildlife pond and reptile hibernacula.
  • Relocation of existing semi mature trees on site.

Retention of the maintenance depot but slightly reduced in size. The existing metal palisade fence was re-positioned to maximise burial space and a new vehicular gate was proposed off the access drive and repainted.

The existing pedestrian footpath that ran north through Area A was extended into the sports ground to provide an additional walking route. This footpath connects on to a new footpath in Area B which links through to Honor Oak Park providing a short cut to the railway station.

Resurfacing of the existing car park an area of concrete was removed and turned to planting, with a footpath separating pedestrians from vehicles through the car park.

A new stepped access route on the south east corner of the site close to Honor Oak

A new footpath was installed across the southern end of the recreation ground to the Dog Area.

New burial plots were installed to Area 1A and the access road downgraded to a footpath with associated fencing to segregate the car park and recreation ground.

The council depot area has had the perimeter concreted including works to the entrance area and provision for future drainage, water and electrical services.

New railings and gates have been installed to the north and west of the site and the existing boundary railings to Honor Oak Park have been restored.

New site furniture includes water points, cycle stands, litter bins and benches.

BSW Timber’s products were used for the site hoarding.

Nature, Landscape and Ecological Enhancements

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