Woodland Creation to for a Parkland

Tilhill was approached by a landscape architect acting on behalf of a private client who was developing a large manor house in a rural setting.

This project helped to:

An opportunity for woodland creation

The house had substantial grounds that had been extensively redeveloped and now required amenity planting and fencing. Tilhill advised on the specification of the plants,
protection and fencing and won the project by competitive tender.

The project involved planting areas of dense woodland to act as a screen from a nearby road as well as small groups of trees to create a parkland setting around attractive lakes.

Utilising our network of tree nurseries, we were able to source high quality plants from the right producers at a good price.

Plants were delivered in ample time for planting and our experienced planting teams checked the trees for quality and any transport damage that might have occurred before storing the trees onsite protected by temporary fencing to avoid any damage before the trees were planted. We used appropriate vehicles to move the trees and equipment around the site ensuring there was minimal ground disturbance.

Using large trees has its advantages but also challenges: The rooting mass is reduced for transport so the trees need to be watered and stabilised to ensure their survival. On this project we used a large tank on site to store water and to distribute to the plants as necessary.

Large trees were used to give an instant impact to the site but needed strong supports to hold them upright while the roots re-established to stabilise the tree.

In order to protect the trees from damage by the likes of rabbits and deer, small guards were required around the bottom of individual trees with larger fencing protecting the trees from deer.

Finally, a high-quality reliable fence line protected the larger planting areas. This was sourced from a trusted and local fencing contractor. Being one of the largest customers to the guarding industry we have a good relationship with the producers, this ensured a smooth purchasing process all the way to supply.

Sweet chestnut was chosen as the timber of choice as it’s both extremely durable, free of preservatives and has an attractive rustic nature to it. Using modern and purpose-built machinery our team were able to erect the fence line quickly and safely with minimal manual labour reducing the risk of injury and increasing efficiency

Using our experienced and reliable contractors we were able to work with and around the other contractors on site while easily adapting to changes made in the specification whilst completing the job to the high standard demanded by the client.

Bringing all these aspects together is a speciality of ours. Our experience in all aspects of the planting process mean we can professionally deliver the project to a high degree of quality.

Wield Wood Case Study

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