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Certain topics deserve greater focus. Our case studies provide you with more in-depth analysis on key subjects that we consider important.

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The Ecologist - An Unexpected Journey

I’ve never really blogged before, but then again as far as I know neither has Tilhill, so by default this is going to be the best blog ever written by Tilhill Forestry! I see this blog, or should I say set of blogs, written by myself and a group of...


Restoring a National Nature Reserve in South Yorkshire

During the winter of 2015/16 Tilhill Forestry secured a contract on the Humberhead Peatlands National Nature Reserve with Natural England via competitive tender through a national framework agreement. The Phase 1 project objective was to clear approximately 114ha of birch and rhododendron, through a combination of motor- manual cutting and...


New Woodland Creation – A new beginning

Larriston is one of the largest new commercial woodlands planted in the UK in recent times. It sits within a larger complex of forest near Newcastleton in the Scottish Borders. The farm was put up for the sale by the previous owner due to the relatively poor land quality and need...


Creating a Scottish forest fit for the future

A 1,000 hectare farm near Lockerbie in Scotland that was planted in the early 1970s is now a thriving and commercially viable forest ‘fit’ for the 21st century thanks to a strategy devised around 17 years ago by Tilhill Forestry when the first crop of timber came to maturity, and...

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