The Forestry & Climate Change Partnership (FCCP)

The Forestry Climate Change Partnership (FCCP) is comprised of several leading forestry organisations, including: The CLA, CONFOR, DEFRA, The Forestry Commission, Forest Research, the Future Trees Trust, the Institute of Chartered Foresters, Natural England, the National Trust, Forestry England, the Small Woods Association, the Royal Forestry Society, the Sylva Foundation, Tilhill, the Tree Council, Woodland Heritage and the Woodland Trust.

It was created to drive forward closer relationships with government in terms of policy, forestry strategy, regulation, science and innovation.


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The Forestry Climate Change Partnership Committee in 2023



The Importance of Carbon in a Climate Emergency

The Forestry Climate Change Working Group (FCCWG) now the Forestry & Climate Change Partnership present this Workshop Webinar; a free online workshop for forestry practitioners exploring the importance of carbon in a climate emergency.

As a result of the UK’s commitment to becoming a Net Zero economy by 2050, carbon sequestration is likely to become a significant additional source of income for landowners looking to enhance their property with woodland creation and can underpin the financial viability of a project.


Find out how you could join the journey to Net Zero and play a part in supporting the drive for woodland creation across the UK.

Forestry Climate Change Action Plan 2021-2026

The FCCP is committed to working together to make a material contribution to the pace and impact of adaptation of our woods trees and forests to climate change. The action plan seeks to provide a common and authoritative voice to advocate strongly for policies which incentivise adaptation, to provide input to the development of research priorities and to support provision of learning, knowledge sharing and dissemination for practitioners.

The action plan is informed by the British Woodland Survey 2020 and by the collective experience of members of the FCCP. Organisations collaborating in the FCCP are actively promoting adaptation and engaging their networks. These individual initiatives are welcome and encouraged. This plan focuses exclusively on actions which the partnership can develop and deliver collectively, which will have greater impact than working alone.


Forestry and Climate Change Adaptation Accord

Our shared vision is for Britain’s trees, woods, and forests to be resilient to climate change and therefore able to meet their full potential in providing the full range of ecosystem services upon which human society and nature depends.