New Climate Change Hub from Forest Research

The effects of climate change are accelerating, with increasing frequency of extreme weather events such as storms, flooding, drought and wildfire. These and other climate risks pose a significant challenge to management of our landscapes and wider society.

Without action, our forests and woodlands may be unable to provide the multiple benefits they currently do, such as timber production, carbon sequestration, wildlife habitats and recreational spaces.

Intervention is needed now to help reduce vulnerability to climate change risks, and this requires changes to what have previously been accepted forestry practices.

Forest Research has launched the Climate Change Hub; a resource for the forestry sector, hosted on the Forest Research website, which is aimed at forest and woodland owners and managers in particular.

What is the Climate Change Hub?

The Climate Change Hub from Forest Research is a new one-stop shop that centralises and distils the latest adaptation information. If you’re considering undertaking adaptive practice but are not sure where to start, the Climate Change Hub is a useful resource that reflects UKFS adaptation guidance, from the new UKFS Practice Guide entitled ‘Adapting forest and woodland management to the changing climate’ 

Information includes:

  • Climate change risks
  • Appropriate adaptation measures for each risk
  • Official country guidance
  • Case studies
  • Videos
  • Fact sheets
  • Publications

Visit www.forestresearch.gov.uk/climatechangehub to find out more.


Forest Research says:

We have included official guidance and we have worked closely with country representatives to ensure the Climate Change Hub reflects current policy in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

David Edwards, Tilhill’s Forestry Director says:

As members of the Forestry Climate Change Partnership we very much welcome Forest Research’ new hub reflecting UKFS guidance in adapting our forest and woodland management practices in a changing climate. Tilhill’s Forest Managers are continuously improving the overall resilience of forests and woodlands on behalf of our clients, therefore we are looking to contribute to the hub alongside utilising the hub to guide future practices.