Creating Woodlands For Cash, Carbon & Conservation in England

This webinar takes farmers, landowners and investors through the process of planting trees on their less productive or unused land for income, conservation, environmental, and carbon related opportunities.

Tilhill also delves into the new England Woodland Creation Offer (EWCO)

This webinar includes:

  • Making an income from trees by utilising less productive land
  • The grants available
  • Biodiversity, water & productivity
  • Multi-benefit woodlands/alternative species
  • Designing a potential scheme
  • Carbon incentives

Julian Ohlsen, a most experienced forester and Regional Manager for Southern England has spent an impressive forty-two years within forestry in the UK and around the world. He is a member of the Institute of Chartered Foresters and a broadleaf woodland owner. Julian will discuss the new funding offer and what it means for the designing of potential woodland creation schemes and the opportunities for farmers and landowners to unlock income from future timber, carbon and the wider biodiversity, water productivity and conservation efforts.

Simon Marrington, Tilhill’s Area Manager in North & Central England has spent twenty-five years in the public and private sector of the UK forestry industry and has a detailed knowledge of capital grant schemes and wider funding opportunities for new woodland creation in England, including potential income from carbon sequestration.

Simon will lead attendees through a live in-depth interview with an England-based Estate Manager to explore the process and outcomes of a well-managed estate and it’s environmental, economic and social opportunities and outcomes for farmers and landowners.

The open Q&A session and panel includes Alexander MacKinnon, Carbon Project Manager at CarbonStore, a company that provides the vital link to unite landowners looking to sell their Woodland Carbon Units with companies keen to offset their carbon emissions. Alex will be on hand to answer any carbon related questions.

Speak to Simon Marrington about your woodland creation project and how we can help