Simon Marrington

Simon Marrington - Business Development Manager England

Simon is a Chartered Forester and ICF Registered Consultant, with over 25 years of public and private sector experience in the UK forest industry. He is usually the best point of contact for new clients and covers the whole of England. He has detailed, up to date knowledge of capital grant schemes and wider funding opportunities for woodland management and new tree planting projects, including potential income from carbon sequestration.

Simon is keen to promote new woodland creation and the multiple benefits which well-designed, productive woodlands can provide, as an option for landowners looking to diversify their rural business. The role trees and woodlands can play in enhancing water quality and reducing flood risk is also a subject close to his heart, having previously co-ordinated programme delivery for Defra’s innovative natural flood management project ‘Slowing the Flow at Pickering’. He also has extensive experience delivering large-scale operational forest management programmes, commercial Christmas tree production and the management of trees and woodlands on golf courses.