Timber Investment

Purchasing land and utilising it for planting a new forest or woodland can prove to be an attractive investment both now and for your future generations.

Land values can increase whilst the trees grow as a commercial crop which, upon maturity, produce valuable timber. Restocking the land after harvesting then ensures the continuous income cycle.

Likewise, investing in a forest that has just reached maturity means you would not only benefit from the income gained from an imminent harvest but, by careful restocking, you are securing future timber income too.

Investing in a commercial forest can provide other benefits too such as tax planning, portfolio diversification and good investment returns when it comes to sell. It can offer an attractive risk/return profile, serving as an inflation hedge and a substantial cash flow contribution.

Forests make good alternative investments because:

  • Biological growth is not dependant on any aspect of the economy.
  • Trees continue to grow regardless of the state of the FTSE 100.
  • There is some flexibility in harvesting dates so that in low price years timber can be left standing until prices recover.

The forest naturally provides a dynamic ecosystem and landscape resource to society, which motivates many alternative investors.

Careful choice of a portfolio of woodland investments, including a diversity of species and age classes enhances this effect and improves portfolio diversification.

Everything you need to know about investing in a forest can be found in our Forestry Investment section.

Alternatively, call one of our Forest Investment Managers who will be happy to help with any information you may need.

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