Forests and woodlands are renewable by nature and enjoy a carbon-neutral footprint. Planting trees in order to provide ecosystem services (water, landscape improvements) and to improve habitats and biodiversity is an attractive proposition to those investors who place socially responsible investment uppermost on their agenda.

Woodlands improve the quality of our environment:

  • Wooded catchments help protect the quality of our drinking water supplies and can reduce the impact of flood events.
  • Trees capture harmful pollutants in our atmosphere and improve our air quality, especially in towns and cities.
  • Tree canopies provide shade, shelter and absorb sound. Soils, animals and humans can be protected from the extremes our weather and climate throws at us.
  • Woodlands help to stabilise soils, reducing erosion and slips. They can protect against pollution by providing a buffer between source and receptor, or help the recovery of contaminated land.
  • Trees need pollination too and woodlands offer a rich habitat for our wild pollinators.
  • Woodlands, the timber they produce, and their soils are important reserves of carbon.

Tilhill Forestry are skilled and experienced in all aspects of planting woodland for clients whose key critieria is to protect and enhance the environment.

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