Woodland Creation

Planting a new woodland is never a decision made lightly or without consideration. Changing a field, hill or pasture into a woodland for the next 200 years means a full commitment to the task. It also needs to be the right type of woodland for both now, in 20 years’ time and in 200 years’ time.

Planning – At Tilhill Forestry we have been designing, planting and managing ‘new’ woodlands for nearly 70 years. We really do reap what we sow, with many commercial conifer crops planted in the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s now being felled and meeting their owners’ commercial expectations, with timber volumes and income levels rising as timber remains very much in demand.

Understanding – Our Forest Managers take time to understand our clients’ objectives when considering how and where to plant woodlands. Choices on tree species, density, mixtures, woodland shapes, location of open ground, woody shrubs and protection from damaging mammals all have to be weighed up against the sites aspect, geology, neighbours, location and owners objectives.

Other factors such as archaeology, rare species, underground or overhead services all come into play before a tree is ever planted into the ground!

Design – Only extensive experience can provide the foresight to ensure that today’s tree planting project will develop over a long period of time into a woodland fit for purpose. Careful design allows consideration by owners, foresters and Forestry Commission planners who, ultimately have to approve schemes from both planning and grant application perspectives.

Commercial – Gaining a Forestry Commission grant to help offset the capital costs of planting a woodland of the future is a common undertaking.

Levels of grant and the conditions attached vary according to scale, purpose and location so full understanding of both the Countryside Stewardship Woodland Capital Grants Scheme and the Forestry Commission officers’ interpretation of this is key to obtaining best value for the landowner. Inspecting trees and shrubs in the nursery to ensure best quality as well as negotiating best deals on tree shelters, stakes and ancillary goods all help deliver the best outcome for each project.

See the Quality – A new woodland will be on show for many to see for a long time. Our new woods are our best advertisements and can be seen right across Scotland, England and Wales. They add to the landscape, wildlife habitat reservoir, water management, sporting potential, biodiversity, Carbon sequestration, shelter, fuel wood stock pile and timber growth.

If you are considering the many benefits a new woodland can bring then just give us a call for our help and advice. We operate through a network of offices across the country, ensuring we can always provide a local service to you, anywhere in the UK.

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