Woodland Creation

The benefits of planting new woodlands and forests are numerous. Timber income is a key benefit, particularly as the UK demand for timber means we continue to import around 80% of our timber requirements. Timber from the home grown market is therefore much in demand.

However, woodlands and forests are planted not only for their timber income but also for a multitude of other equally important reasons that benefit both the property owner, society and the environment alike.

Tilhill has the experience and knowledge to be able to guide you through the whole woodland creation process. We are skilled in helping our clients to purchase the right property to suit their requirements. We can then design the woodland or forest to meet the owner's specific objectives, apply for grants, carry out any survey work, create planting plans and choose the right species to suit each location - as well as carrying out the actual planting works and providing ongoing protection, maintenance and advice.

We have categorised the different types of new planting options here and expanded on them in detail. Just select the option that best suits your needs. If, at any stage, you should want further information then don’t hesitate to call your nearest office to speak to your local forester or email us on enquiries@tilhill.com.