South West Scotland

South West Scotland Team

The South West Scotland Team are based in Locharbriggs, Dumfries and are headed up by Regional Manager Robert Herbert, who has over thirty three years experience in the industry. His team consists of a broad mix of individuals, each of them with a passion for forestry and the environment we work in. Together they manage approximately 40,000 ha of predominantly commercial woodland for a range of clients. They provide specialist skills such as the preparation of forest plans and production forecasts, digital mapping and surveying, the protection and maintenance of young trees including deer management, restocking and new woodland creation. Each person brings a special skill set with them and, like the rest of Tilhill, the team has a balanced mix of experienced people, as well as new graduates, fresh from taking their forestry or related qualifications.

Ben Walbank

Forestry Foreman

James Liley

Senior Forest Manager

Ann Aitken

Senior Survey Manager