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10 September 2019

The Perception of Forestry and Forestry Operations

by Luke Cross Assistant Forest Manager, Wales Hello everyone, my name is Luke Cross and I am an Assistant Forest Manager in the Wales Bala office. I have been working for Tilhill Forestry as part of the graduate scheme for over 12 months and boy has the time flown by! This...



29 August 2019

Trees Going Forward

There’s a quote that I’ve seen pop up from time-to-time on my internet meanderings that says something like: “Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” I can’t seem to find a definitive source for the quotation and the wording seems...


19 August 2019

Work Shadowing with Tilhill Forestry

Work shadowing by Megan, currently studying a Natural Sciences Degree at St Andrew’s. My work experience week with Tilhill Forestry was extremely varied and ranged from getting to see and experience a wide range of what goes on in the Company, in the office and out on site from both an...


08 August 2019

Forests of the future to clean up the past

by Assistant Forest Manager Hannah Richardson, South-West Scotland. Climate change continues to be at the forefront in all of our day to day lives. Whilst in Scotland last week we were revelling in the almost 30-degree temperatures, it’s hard not to realise that there may be a sinister cause for our...


23 July 2019

Nine Months Later!

As the title suggests, July marks nine months since I began the graduate scheme with Tilhill Forestry. It has gone very quickly. Partly, I think due to the natural stratification of a forester’s year, which is quite refreshing, having previously been in a vocation where days ran into weeks, which...

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