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02 May 2019

Forestry? As a Career?

”Take three months to find your feet”. This was the first instruction I received upon embarking on my career as an Assistant Forest Manager, almost a year ago. It all seemed so simple! However, since then I’ve been introduced to UKWAS standards, LPID registrations, ARC Maps, Gazelle dosage rates, Goshawk exclusion...



24 April 2019

ICF National Conference 2019 - The UK’s Role in Global Forestry

by Forest Manager, Andrew Baker, Session 4 Chair Several months ago I received an email from Shireen Chambers, Executive Director of the Institute of Chartered Foresters (ICF), inviting me to chair a session of the ICF National Conference in April 2019. Naturally I assumed she had emailed the wrong person, and...


15 April 2019

How one phone call can change your life!

My name is Luke Cross, and I am an Assistant Forest Manager for Tilhill Forestry, based in North Wales. My day to day role is to support my line manager John Ferguson in managing over 2000ha of a variety of woodlands from commercial upland to conservation focused lowland woodlands. Our...


01 April 2019

Our Vital Forest Resource

by Assistant Forest Manager, Rob Coltman, Southern England A few months ago, I entered the Confor ‘Future of Forestry’ writing competition. The discussion question was “How can forestry and wood processing help deliver a Green Brexit and a more sustainable society in the UK?” I recently re-read the piece I submitted...


18 March 2019

The Ragstone Hibernaculum

by Forest Manager, Colin Corkhill The desire for Kentish ragstone as a hard, versatile building material has been utilised throughout England on an industrial scale since Roman times.  The shallow seam of limestone, running from Kent to Surrey, around 25 miles to the south of the capital, occurs in shallow bands...


11 March 2019

Forest Management - Something Different is Always Waiting for You

Blog by Assistant Forest Manager Mike Page, Central Scotland. "There are pretty stark commercial realities in this industry and while you are protected from these early in your career, you need to be exposed to them to continue your development." The last instalment of this blog maybe gave the impression that I...


06 March 2019

21st Century Lumberjills

A blog by Assistant Forest Manager, Hannah Richardson, South West Scotland. "As we celebrate International Women’s Day 2019 it is nice to remember the women of forestry’s past and use this as an opportunity to encourage more women to become a part of forestry’s future." With International Women’s Day taking place on...


27 February 2019

The Wide Reach of Forestry in Our Communities

Community blog by Forest Manager, Byron Braithwaite in Central Borders ‘You can’t please all of the people all of the time’ The Central Borders team have recently supported a number of high school careers events, and although there was interest in pursuing a Forestry based career, understanding of its wide ranging opportunities...


22 January 2019

What Future for the Forests?

What Future for the Forests? by Southern England Forest Manager Alex MacKinnon A change in my work role has got me thinking about the past, present and future of forestry in this part of the country. I wonder, as a very traditional industry, are we threatened by modern times in all three...


16 January 2019

Superwood CONFOR Conference November 2018

Superwood CONFOR Conference November 2018 by Forest Manager Andy Baker I was recently fortunate enough to attend a conference in Newcastle hosted by CONFOR promoting the use of timber products to help drive a low-carbon economy. Representatives from Ryder Architecture, Egger Forestry, the Woodland Trust and many more were in attendance,...


07 January 2019

Teetering on the Edge

by Assistant Forest Manager Mike Page   For this episode of the blog I thought it might be useful to describe the various plates that I’m currently spinning and that are occupying the ‘work’ bit of my brain at the moment. On the other hand it might simply read as a stream-of-consciousness...


14 December 2018

The Next Generation

A Tilhill Forestry Blog by Assistant Forest Manager Hannah Richardson At the ripe old age of 23, I am hopefully at the beginning of my career in forestry and, I guess you could say, part of the future of the forest industry. Within Tilhill Forestry we are lucky to have a vast...


13 November 2018

The Environment Matters

by Forest Manager Byron Braithwaite I have been working at Tilhill Forestry for a few years now and it is clear that building knowledge, understanding and professional ability through practical and theoretical training is high on the agenda. To coincide with the ‘Environment Matters’ theme this month, I want to highlight some...


29 October 2018

Fantastic Fungi

Fantastic Fungi I thought in this blog I would talk about some of the vast array of fungi that emerge out of the leaf litter at this time of year. Whilst not a big part of my role as a forester, the knowledge base of the fungi in our forests and their...


15 October 2018

Should Nature Work For Us? - Birdfair Debate

I was recently asked to participate as a panellist in a debate titled “Next Generation: Should Nature Work For Us?” at the Birdfair conservation show in the Midlands. The Birdfair show is the World’s largest wildlife event, based at the beautiful Rutland Water Nature Reserve. Celebrities such as Bill Oddie,...


15 September 2018

For life as a graduate the learning is never over

Since my last blog the rain has returned but accompanied by continued uncharacteristically muggy temperatures, ensuring our winter jumpers are still firmly in hiding! After struggling to get all our trees into the ground during the dry spell we are now gladly past the planting, with the trees grateful for a quench...


07 September 2018

It’s a dog’s life…

‘It’s a dog’s life’ is a phrase that is defined as ‘a very unhappy and unpleasant life.’ Having had dogs in the house all my life, the definition surprises me as my dogs have always been happy animals; keen to please, explore and play. Milo, my current canine companion, is...


01 August 2018

Hot and Steamy

Sticking with the theme of weather (I am British don’t you know) I guess I should comment on what a set of extremes we’ve been experiencing. I feel like I can finally breathe again thanks to the downpours of the last few days and I’m sure the trees are just...


19 July 2018

It must be crystal clear ...

Working in forestry and harvesting constantly presents challenges, varying wildly from site to site and from season to season.  One major issue that has the potential to cause problems found across pretty much every site we manage however is diffuse pollution. Diffuse pollution (DP) can come from a variety of...


09 July 2018

A New Start

My name is Hannah Richardson and I am 23 years old. I am an environmental science graduate from England and I have been working for Tilhill Forestry for the last year. My route into forestry was not direct, with most of my experience being in environmental education and sustainability. During...

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