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20 September 2019

My Week at Tilhill Forestry– A Week of Preconceptions Being Disproven.

My Week at Tilhill Forestry– A Week of Preconceptions Being Disproven. By Nicola Fleck. Nicola is from Sedbergh in Cumbria and has just completed her joint honours degree in Geology and Environmental Science at Lancaster University. Nicola is soon to start her MSc in Environmental Law at Lancaster. In looking to...


20 September 2019

What do you do? I work in Forestry.

Hi, my name is Dan Wilson and I’m an Assistant Forest Manager working for Tilhill Forestry in their Central Borders office. This is my second blog for following ‘Forestry? As a Career?’ I think most of my colleagues can remember having some close variation on the following conversation: "So, what d’you do...


10 September 2019

The Perception of Forestry and Forestry Operations

by Luke Cross Assistant Forest Manager, Wales Hello everyone, my name is Luke Cross and I am an Assistant Forest Manager in the Wales Bala office. I have been working for Tilhill Forestry as part of the graduate scheme for over 12 months and boy has the time flown by! This...


29 August 2019

Trees Going Forward

There’s a quote that I’ve seen pop up from time-to-time on my internet meanderings that says something like: “Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” I can’t seem to find a definitive source for the quotation and the wording seems...


19 August 2019

Work Shadowing with Tilhill Forestry

Work shadowing by Megan, currently studying a Natural Sciences Degree at St Andrew’s. My work experience week with Tilhill Forestry was extremely varied and ranged from getting to see and experience a wide range of what goes on in the Company, in the office and out on site from both an...


08 August 2019

Forests of the future to clean up the past

by Assistant Forest Manager Hannah Richardson, South-West Scotland. Climate change continues to be at the forefront in all of our day to day lives. Whilst in Scotland last week we were revelling in the almost 30-degree temperatures, it’s hard not to realise that there may be a sinister cause for our...


23 July 2019

Nine Months Later!

As the title suggests, July marks nine months since I began the graduate scheme with Tilhill Forestry. It has gone very quickly. Partly, I think due to the natural stratification of a forester’s year, which is quite refreshing, having previously been in a vocation where days ran into weeks, which...


03 July 2019

Forest Industry Modesty

Hello all, my name is Luke Cross and this is my second blog in a series I am putting together about all things forestry from the perspective of a newly appointed Assistant Forest Manager (AFM). For those that didn’t catch the last blog I work in the North Wales office and...


26 June 2019

The Forests of the Future

by Tilhill Forestry Assistant Forest Manager, Hannah Richardson South West Scotland Since my last blog woodland creation has become a much larger aspect of my day to day job. As an Environmental Science graduate and keen environmentalist, I enjoy the challenges and rewards that come from being a part of woodland creation...


20 June 2019

ICF Harvesting and Marketing Study Tour

Institute of Chartered Foresters Harvesting and Marketing Study Tour by Shona Smyth, Harvesting Contracts Manager, South Wales With the recent Harvesting and Marketing Study Tour being the first tour of its kind for the Institute of Chartered Foresters (ICF), I thought I’d share the highlights of the event with all of...


17 June 2019

Future Trees Trust Supporter's Day 2019

The Future Trees Trust held a Supporters’ Day which saw the launch of the publication of ‘A Strategy for UK Forest Genetic Resources: protecting the UK’s unique diversity of trees and shrubs’ by Clare Trivedi, Conservation Partnership Coordinator at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and the Ash Research Strategy, launched by...


10 June 2019

Mindful Men, in the Woods

by Assistant Forest Manager, Rob Coltman In this blog I’d like to talk about Men’s Health Week (which runs this week from 10th- 16th of June) in the context of mental health and forestry, and how I feel the industry is in a good position to promote mental health to its...


13 May 2019

Forestry, an a-typical recruit!

This is the first blog in a series of six that I have been asked to write. I intend to use this edition to give a little insight into myself and my past. My Name is Jay Li Sanderson. I started work with Tilhill Forestry as an Assistant Forest Manager...


02 May 2019

Forestry? As a Career?

”Take three months to find your feet”. This was the first instruction I received upon embarking on my career as an Assistant Forest Manager, almost a year ago. It all seemed so simple! However, since then I’ve been introduced to UKWAS standards, LPID registrations, ARC Maps, Gazelle dosage rates, Goshawk exclusion...


24 April 2019

ICF National Conference 2019 - The UK’s Role in Global Forestry

by Forest Manager, Andrew Baker, Session 4 Chair Several months ago I received an email from Shireen Chambers, Executive Director of the Institute of Chartered Foresters (ICF), inviting me to chair a session of the ICF National Conference in April 2019. Naturally I assumed she had emailed the wrong person, and...


15 April 2019

How one phone call can change your life!

My name is Luke Cross, and I am an Assistant Forest Manager for Tilhill Forestry, based in North Wales. My day to day role is to support my line manager John Ferguson in managing over 2000ha of a variety of woodlands from commercial upland to conservation focused lowland woodlands. Our...


01 April 2019

Our Vital Forest Resource

by Assistant Forest Manager, Rob Coltman, Southern England A few months ago, I entered the Confor ‘Future of Forestry’ writing competition. The discussion question was “How can forestry and wood processing help deliver a Green Brexit and a more sustainable society in the UK?” I recently re-read the piece I submitted...


18 March 2019

The Ragstone Hibernaculum

by Forest Manager, Colin Corkhill The desire for Kentish ragstone as a hard, versatile building material has been utilised throughout England on an industrial scale since Roman times.  The shallow seam of limestone, running from Kent to Surrey, around 25 miles to the south of the capital, occurs in shallow bands...


11 March 2019

Forest Management - Something Different is Always Waiting for You

Blog by Assistant Forest Manager Mike Page, Central Scotland. "There are pretty stark commercial realities in this industry and while you are protected from these early in your career, you need to be exposed to them to continue your development." The last instalment of this blog maybe gave the impression that I...


06 March 2019

21st Century Lumberjills

A blog by Assistant Forest Manager, Hannah Richardson, South West Scotland. "As we celebrate International Women’s Day 2019 it is nice to remember the women of forestry’s past and use this as an opportunity to encourage more women to become a part of forestry’s future." With International Women’s Day taking place on...

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