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09 February 2021

A Typical Day as an Assistant Forest Manager

By Franziska Goeckeritz, Assistant Forest Manager Southern England I joined Tilhill in August 2020 having applied via the Company’s graduate scheme and was delighted to be one of the successful candidates.  Today I would like to show you what my typical day as an Assistant Forest Manager involves. Most of my...


23 September 2020

Hylobius damage… weevil seen it but how can we deal with it? #PlantHealthWeek

A blog by Cat Kent, Assistant Forest Manager for Tilhill in South West Scotland. #PlantHealthWeek Standing on a conifer restock site between March and November you are pretty much guaranteed to see Hylobius abietis (Hylobius) at some point. The presence of Hylobius, or the large pine weevil as it is commonly...


01 September 2020

Fortunate Foresters

A Blog by Assistant Forest Manager, North Highland As I wind my way round the northernmost tips of the Scottish mainland in unprecedented 25 degree sunshine, I can’t help but think just how fortunate foresters are to have a job that takes them to some of the most beautiful spots the...


22 July 2020

A Forester’s Time

A blog by Assistant Forest Manager Gary Waters, Central Borders  As I sit here and write this blog, in the broom cupboard come hastily converted office, I can’t help but address the events currently developing across the world. The pandemic gripping us all has, in no doubt, affected everyone in a variety of ways. At the very least, our way of life has been challenged.  Whilst...


09 July 2020

From seed bed to sideboard - The unsung heroes of the forest industry (Part 1)

By Assistant Forest Manager, Ben Crisford in South West Scotland  As forestry professionals, when we take a walk in the woods, we see a different forest to the one that most people see.  Where trees are being planted, we see a restocking design matched silviculturally to site conditions and shaped by an in-depth and highly regulated planning process.  Where trees are being felled, we...


24 June 2020

Resilient Forests Managed by Resilient People!

A blog by Tilhill's Central Borders Regional Manager, Eddie Addis. I’m not known for my blogging but in this ‘Strange New World’, as one of the South Scotland managers would say, I thought why not?  The last few months have been surreal by anyone’s measure, and that is a gross understatement. To date I just...


17 June 2020

A Trip Down Memory Lane

A Blog by Assistant Forest Manager Rob Baker in North Highland.  So here we are, part way through 2020 and in the grips of a worldwide pandemic, who’d have thought it! You’ll be relieved to hear I’m not taking this opportunity to dwell on the current situation and explain the many and various ways...


15 June 2020

Men’s Health Week 2020 - 15th-21st June

A blog by Forest Manager Andrew Baker, Southern England.  Everyone has been affected by this pandemic to a greater or lesser degree. People have lost loved ones, lost jobs, and been isolated from others for longer than most people have experienced in living memory. Learning to live in times like this has been challenging for everybody; we...


20 May 2020

What do we really do? A Blog by Ricky Dallow, A Tilhill Wales & Marches Assistant Forest Manager

What do we really do?   With university students finishing their academic year I feel that Tilhill graduate scheme applicants and anyone interested in what we do on the forestry side of the business would find it useful to have an explanation about what we, as foresters, do and how we do it.   At the careers fairs...


13 April 2020

Challenges and Opportunities of Working from Home

N.B. This is a fast-evolving situation and guidance may have changed between writing and publication. The light-hearted tone in no way reflects the severity of the threat posed by COVID-19 or Tilhill’s attitude towards it. Challenges and Opportunities of Working from Home - A blog by Tilhill Forest Manager Mike Page...


08 April 2020

Q&A With Rob Baker Assistant Forest Manager

Tilhill's North Highland Assistant Forest Manager answers questions about the forestry industry and what led him into it as a career choice. What encouraged you personally to apply for the Tilhill 2018/19 graduate programme last year?  I was in the fortunate position of already having a job offer before Tilhill came to visit us at the university, but I...


04 March 2020

2020 Forestry

In an interesting guest spot on Mark Avery’s blog, Ian Parsons, Freelance Writer and previously a Ranger with the Forestry Commission, emphatically preaches the virtues of ensuring trees are planted for the right reasons. He refers to the myriad of promises to plant millions of trees during the recent election...


26 February 2020

#PlantTreesAPlentyIn2020 – The Red Tape!

Wales & Marches Assistant Forest Manager Luke Cross kicks off the launch of our #PlantTreesAPlentyin2020 Campaign encouraging landowners to contribute towards our climate change commitments as well as Government tree planting targets. Read Luke's latest Blog below. It is becoming increasingly evident that tree planting is a win-win solution for climate...


05 February 2020

Resolutions of a Forest Manager #IYPH2020

A blog by Southern England Assistant Forest Manager Rob Coltman Hello and a belated Happy New Year! For many of us, the festive season will have faded in to a distant memory, as we wade out to work in rainy mid-winter. However, I’m currently feeling fortunate, I had some respite from our...


13 January 2020

To 2020 and beyond…

I want to start this blog by wishing you all a happy New Year. I hope 2020 is a good one for you all. The forest industry has been thriving since its development in Europe in the 19th century. Since then its growth has continued and its practices have changed...


07 January 2020

When a Plan Comes Together

A blog by North & Central Assistant Forest Manager Jay Li Sanderson. As a lowland forester my area covers the east of England, ranging from the Humber to County Durham. In this area we lack many of the large-scale commercial conifer forests that I am sure our Forest Managers in parts...


20 December 2019

100 years of the Forestry Commission

By Tilhill Forestry's Southern England District Manager Julian Ohlsen Anyone who has recently attended an agricultural show, or purchased a stamp from the Royal Mail’s stunning new collection, cannot have missed that this year sees the Forestry Commission proudly celebrating its centenary. But how many know that our glorious county of...


18 December 2019

Q&A with Aberdeen University Tilhill Forestry Award Winner William Johnson

Aberdeen University William Johnson won the Tilhill Forestry Award for being the top performing student on the MSc Environmental and Forest Management programme in 2018-2019.   Tilhill Forestry was given the opportunity to chat to Will following his win. Tell us a bit about yourself, where are you from, what course are you...


04 December 2019

It’s Time to Talk about Woodland Creation

A blog by Assistant Forest Manager Dan Wilson, Central Borders It’s good to see Luke Cross tackling the political climate in his blog last week. It’s a busy time for the government who seem overwhelmingly preoccupied with ‘getting Brexit done.’ Forestry is a breath of fresh air in this regard. “Forestry...


19 November 2019

We are the Lucky Ones. Now is Our Time

Hello everyone, my name is Luke Cross, Assistant Forest Manager in the Bala office and with this blog I hope to remind people how lucky we are to work in this industry and how important our role is for the future. This comes off the back of a new environmental...

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