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15 March 2018

From Surrey to Sitka and back again.

I guess I’m in a slightly different position to most graduates who start their careers with Tilhill Forestry. I began my time at Tilhill in the Investment and Property Team dealing with clients and acquisitions. This gave me a good insight into the financial aspect of owning a forest or...


We're setting up Tilhill Forestry's new Twitter account. Tilhill are the UK's leading forestry management and timber harvesting and marketing company. Here's a photograph we have just posted of Lock Arkaig in Scotland. They are planning the removal of 24,000 tons of timber without disturbing Sea Eagles, Ospreys and the Salmon...


01 March 2018

The Ecologist - An Unexpected Journey

I’ve never really blogged before, but then again as far as I know neither has Tilhill, so by default this is going to be the best blog ever written by Tilhill Forestry! I see this blog, or should I say set of blogs, written by myself and a group of...

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