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09 July 2018

A New Start

My name is Hannah Richardson and I am 23 years old. I am an environmental science graduate from England and I have been working for Tilhill Forestry for the last year. My route into forestry was not direct, with most of my experience being in environmental education and sustainability. During...


Taking advantage of dry weather and good timber prices to support processing sector by bringing forward challenging harvesting sites in the Scottish Borders. Contact your Regional manager for more info: https://buff.ly/2JqYYIb...


21 June 2018

Book early to avoid disappointment?

I attended a seminar last October run by Scottish Forest and Timber Technology which looked at how best use could be made of contractor resource in the forthcoming planting season. The message from speakers from nurseries, ground preparation and planters was pretty straightforward - book early to avoid disappointment. I...


08 June 2018

Forestry Feels Good

Following on from Alex's blog about the arrival of Spring in Southern England, I am pleased to report that we have seen the sun in Scotland too! After a long, cold winter it feels amazing to be out in the woods with the warm sun on my face. This is one...


24 May 2018

Make hay while the sun shines

While writing my last blog, snow was gathering at the corners of the office window. Now the sun beats down to the extent that we’ve actually had to start closing the blind. I suppose that’s the English climate for you and, as with the weather, the job role seems to...

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