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15 September 2018

For life as a graduate the learning is never over

Since my last blog the rain has returned but accompanied by continued uncharacteristically muggy temperatures, ensuring our winter jumpers are still firmly in hiding! After struggling to get all our trees into the ground during the dry spell we are now gladly past the planting, with the trees grateful for a quench...


Is the worlds youngest chainsaw operator? Well, his Mother is Head of Safety so it is very possible. #InsistOnSafety...


07 September 2018

It’s a dog’s life…

‘It’s a dog’s life’ is a phrase that is defined as ‘a very unhappy and unpleasant life.’ Having had dogs in the house all my life, the definition surprises me as my dogs have always been happy animals; keen to please, explore and play. Milo, my current canine companion, is...


24 August 2018

The Steep Slope of a Graduate

I’ve been in my post as an Assistant Forest Manager for just over a year now, and as I write, our District Manager is taking the new Assistant Forest Manager (welcome Heather!) through the company’s systems: IT, H&S policy, payroll data, clothing issue, purchase orders, invoicing, budgeting, timesheets, journaling, and...


01 August 2018

Hot and Steamy

Sticking with the theme of weather (I am British don’t you know) I guess I should comment on what a set of extremes we’ve been experiencing. I feel like I can finally breathe again thanks to the downpours of the last few days and I’m sure the trees are just...

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