Ddol Isaf

Ddol Isaf is situated on a north facing slope bordering the A5. The woodland cover has gradually been increasing on this land for most of the latter half of the last century.

The property which was once almost 100% grazing land has been steadily naturally regenerating with native broadleaves for a number of decades. As a result there is a fascinating mix of age and species present.

The oldest oak and ash trees that form the lower and middle most wooded part of the slope are fully mature and ready for thinning or clearfelling according to a new owner’s objectives.

Tilhill is not acting as the selling agent and is free to advise potential purchasers on this property.

Photographs courtesy of Tustins.

Property Details

  • Size: 32.7 Hectares
  • Price: £200,000
  • Status: For Sale
  • Type: Mixed Woodland Opportunity >10ha
  • Sporting: Rights Included