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06 September 2018

Mounding Vs. Ploughing

Quality Throughout - Ground Prep Sam Bristow, Assistant Forest Manager for our West Highland District talks about the methodology around ground preparation techniques: Commenting on a recent social media post surrounding ploughing, I agree with Mike Page the Assistant Manager in Central Scotland. He was very correct in the sense that really...


Did you know one in eight men are suffering a common mental health disorder and are three times more likely to be dependent on alcohol than women? For Men's Health Week Assistant Forest Manager Rob Coltman promotes mental health: Read in full here: #MensHealthWeek...


31 August 2018

Preparation is the Key!

Quality Throughout Preparation is the Key! A NEW area of woodland is going to be around for a long time so careful consideration needs to be taken when preparing the ground before planting and deciding how many trees should be planted. Both plant density and ground preparation are important decisions in woodland creation...


01 January 0001

Invasive Species Week: Japanese Knotweed

What?Japanese Knotweed was introduced to the UK as an ornamental plant but has spread extensively in the wild. With its rapid growth of more than 20mm a day, it forms dense clumps over 3m high which crowd out and prevent the growth of native plants.The rhizome root system, from which...

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