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Every month Tilhill Forestry will be bringing you a new theme focusing around the value that we bring to the forestry and harvesting industry.

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10 July 2019

Glastir Woodland Creation Grants in Wales

Glastir Woodland Creation Grants in Wales The Welsh Government is committed to increasing the area of woodland cover in Wales, with an ambitious target of supporting 2,000 ha of new woodland planting each year, through delivery of its Glastir Woodland Creation grant scheme. Four different grant categories are available, each with their...



28 June 2019

Urban Tree Challenge Fund

The Urban Tree Challenge Fund (UTCF) has been developed in response to HM Treasury releasing £10 million in the 2018 Autumn Budget announcement for planting at least 20,000 large trees and 110,000 small trees in urban areas in England.   The UTCF will support a number of objectives in Defra’s 25 Year...


27 June 2019

Woodland Creation Grants in Scotland

The Scottish Government has a world-leading vision for a zero-carbon society. Sustainable forestry remains a key part of government policy and, as such, has 9 different models of woodland creation grant which can be combined to generate diverse woodlands depending on the owners’ objectives and local woodland strategies, which in...


26 June 2019

HS2 Woodland Fund

HS2 Woodland Fund The woodland creation strand of the HS2 Woodland Fund is available to March 2023 on land within a priority target area within 25 miles of the HS2 Phase 1 route to create a ‘green corridor’ as below:   The HS2 Woodland Fund will pay 100% of planting costs; capped at...


19 June 2019

Woodland for Water

Woodland for Water (throughout Yorkshire and the North East only) Tilhill Forestry are agents for the Woodland for Water project by the Environment Agency and Forestry Commission England. Operating throughout Yorkshire and the North East of England until March 2020, Tilhill Forestry’s regional team of managers are providing landowners with expert...

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