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Every month Tilhill Forestry will be bringing you a new theme focusing around the value that we bring to the forestry and harvesting industry.

We hope you find all our information useful and interesting.



04 September 2019

Quality Contractors: Colin Brolly Forestry

This month we will be featuring a handful of our quality contractors nominated by our members of staff for their outstanding contributions. First to be featured is Northern Harvesting Regional Manager Gavin Brown’s chosen contractor Colin Brolly Forestry. Colin Brolly Forestry was first formed in 1994 by Colin Brolly and his wife...



30 August 2019

Combatting Climate Change

by Graham Preece, Southern England Senior Forest Manager As forest managers we are in a unique and prescient position to implement practical measures that may help to alleviate and/or combat the effects of climate change by looking at the way we manage and design our forests in the present. The forestry sector...


28 August 2019

Climate Change - Every Little Bit Helps

by Andy Baker, Forest Manager South East England   It can sometimes all seem a little overwhelming. We hear so much about the climate catastrophe hurtling towards us and in a world of nearly 8 billion people how can you possibly make a difference on your own. Climate change is...


21 August 2019

Forest Management in the Face of a Changing Climate

by Forest Manager Colin Corkhill The direct effects of climate change can no longer be considered as something restricted to the confines of a faraway frozen tundra or the basin of a tropical rainforest.  It is right outside your window – and in some cases even lapping at your door! Environmentalists have...


14 August 2019

Climate Change: Eco Anxiety Disorder

by Peter Whitfield, Tilhill Forestry Business Development Director I am a forester, and what is more, I am a vegetarian forester! All positive towards my net contribution to climate change then where more trees and a significant shift towards eating less meat are being cited as moves to lowering greenhouse gas...

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