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24 September 2019

Changing your woodland business for climate change - Confor Woodland Show 2019

CONFOR Woodland Show 2019 – Blog Changing your woodland business for climate change By Tilhill Forestry’s Southern England New Business Manager Alex Mackinnon This was my first visit to the Confor Woodland Show in a capacity other than purely a visitor. I actually had a job to do! As such, I thoroughly enjoyed...


23 September 2019

Quality Contractors - Edward Jones Contractors Ltd

The Quality Contractor theme continues, featuring Edward Jones from Wales. Edward Jones lives in the village of Carno in Mid Wales where he runs Edward Jones Contractors Limited, a Tilhill Forestry quality contractor highly recommended by our Wales team. Edward always had an interest in machinery growing up within his family business...


18 September 2019

Quality Contractors; Atheston Forestry

Quality Contractors, Tim Bodfish- Atheston Forestry Day two of the 2019 Confor Woodland Show saw contractors visiting the stands that were in abundance across the showground. Harvesting Southern Manager Dafydd Lewis introduced the marketing team to Tim Bodfish of Atheston Forestry as one of his preferred quality contractors to feature in...


16 September 2019

Planting Trees to Combat Climate Change

CONFOR Woodland Show 2019, by Forest Manager Andy Baker A brilliantly bright and sunny day greeted visitors to the CONFOR Woodland Show 2019 at Longleat Estate, with a touch of chill reminding us all that summer is indeed coming to a close. The theme of this year’s event was “Think Global,...


04 September 2019

Quality Contractors: Colin Brolly Forestry

This month we will be featuring a handful of our quality contractors nominated by our members of staff for their outstanding contributions. First to be featured is Northern Harvesting Regional Manager Gavin Brown’s chosen contractor Colin Brolly Forestry. Colin Brolly Forestry was first formed in 1994 by Colin Brolly and his wife...


30 August 2019

Combatting Climate Change

by Graham Preece, Southern England Senior Forest Manager As forest managers we are in a unique and prescient position to implement practical measures that may help to alleviate and/or combat the effects of climate change by looking at the way we manage and design our forests in the present. The forestry sector...


28 August 2019

Climate Change - Every Little Bit Helps

by Andy Baker, Forest Manager South East England   It can sometimes all seem a little overwhelming. We hear so much about the climate catastrophe hurtling towards us and in a world of nearly 8 billion people how can you possibly make a difference on your own. Climate change is...


21 August 2019

Forest Management in the Face of a Changing Climate

by Forest Manager Colin Corkhill The direct effects of climate change can no longer be considered as something restricted to the confines of a faraway frozen tundra or the basin of a tropical rainforest.  It is right outside your window – and in some cases even lapping at your door! Environmentalists have...


14 August 2019

Climate Change: Eco Anxiety Disorder

by Peter Whitfield, Tilhill Forestry Business Development Director I am a forester, and what is more, I am a vegetarian forester! All positive towards my net contribution to climate change then where more trees and a significant shift towards eating less meat are being cited as moves to lowering greenhouse gas...


28 June 2019

Urban Tree Challenge Fund

The Urban Tree Challenge Fund (UTCF) has been developed in response to HM Treasury releasing £10 million in the 2018 Autumn Budget announcement for planting at least 20,000 large trees and 110,000 small trees in urban areas in England.   The UTCF will support a number of objectives in Defra’s 25 Year...


27 June 2019

Woodland Creation Grants in Scotland

The Scottish Government has a world-leading vision for a zero-carbon society. Sustainable forestry remains a key part of government policy and, as such, has 9 different models of woodland creation grant which can be combined to generate diverse woodlands depending on the owners’ objectives and local woodland strategies, which in...


26 June 2019

HS2 Woodland Fund

HS2 Woodland Fund The woodland creation strand of the HS2 Woodland Fund is available to March 2023 on land within a priority target area within 25 miles of the HS2 Phase 1 route to create a ‘green corridor’ as below:   The HS2 Woodland Fund will pay 100% of planting costs; capped at...


19 June 2019

Woodland for Water

Woodland for Water (throughout Yorkshire and the North East only) Tilhill Forestry are agents for the Woodland for Water project by the Environment Agency and Forestry Commission England. Operating throughout Yorkshire and the North East of England until March 2020, Tilhill Forestry’s regional team of managers are providing landowners with expert...


12 June 2019

Countryside Stewardship Woodland Creation Grant

WOODLAND CREATION There are many reasons why a landowner may want to plant trees. The benefits that new woodlands can provide include: Timber production Flood Mitigation Carbon Sequestration Economic Benefits Soil Management Biodiversity Sporting use Landscape value Rural Employment   There are number of grant incentives available depending on the location, scope and scale of the planting proposal. For smaller, non-grant fundable...


05 June 2019

Woodland Grant Schemes in England

What benefits are available? The Countryside Stewardship grant scheme (CS) is currently running as a government incentive to bring unmanaged woodlands back into management. A base rate of £100/ha/year is available for a five-year period under the Woodland Improvement scheme (WD2). For this specific grant to be obtainable however, the woodland must...


31 May 2019

Red Squirrel

What?The Red Squirrel is a protected species. Both the animals and their dreys are protected by law. It is illegal to carry out any forestry work close to a Red Squirrel drey, without taking steps to positively avoid damage. Look out for:Dreys are usually built in the fork of the main...


30 May 2019

Water Voles

What?Water voles are a protected species and Britain’s most rapidly declining mammal. They live in ditches, ponds, canals and rivers in urban as well as rural locations.The water vole is a rodent and the largest of the British voles, weighing between 200 and 350g. It has the typical ‘rotund’ appearance...


29 May 2019

Ekko – Four legs and a superb nose!

Carrying out works during the bird breeding season involves lots and lots of searching. However, whilst most foresters spend the majority of their time looking up, some sites we work don’t have a tree in sight but the searching required is equally as diligent albeit focussed on the ground. This is...


29 May 2019

White-tailed Eagle (Sea Eagle)

What?White-tailed eagles are the largest raptor in the UK with a wingspan of up to 2.5m, dwarfing more common raptors such as buzzards. Most commonly seen in coastal areas or near to large lochs, they often nest and roost in forests.White-tailed eagles, their nests, eggs and young have a very...


27 May 2019


What?Badgers are a protected species. Both the animals and their setts are protected by law. It is illegal to carry out any forestry work close to a badger sett without taking steps to positively avoid damage and without an appropriate Licence.It is no excuse in law to be unaware of...

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