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26 June 2019

HS2 Woodland Fund

HS2 Woodland Fund The woodland creation strand of the HS2 Woodland Fund is available to March 2023 on land within a priority target area within 25 miles of the HS2 Phase 1 route to create a ‘green corridor’ as below:   The HS2 Woodland Fund will pay 100% of planting costs; capped at...


Peter Whitfield, Tilhill Forestry Business Development Director is attending the Forestry Expo today capturing the impressive Tigercat clambunk skidder and a John Deere harvester. He says "There are more machines in a couple of hectares than has ever been witnessed before."...


19 June 2019

Woodland for Water

Woodland for Water (throughout Yorkshire and the North East only) Tilhill Forestry are agents for the Woodland for Water project by the Environment Agency and Forestry Commission England. Operating throughout Yorkshire and the North East of England until March 2020, Tilhill Forestry’s regional team of managers are providing landowners with expert...


12 June 2019

Countryside Stewardship Woodland Creation Grant

WOODLAND CREATION There are many reasons why a landowner may want to plant trees. The benefits that new woodlands can provide include: Timber production Flood Mitigation Carbon Sequestration Economic Benefits Soil Management Biodiversity Sporting use Landscape value Rural Employment   There are number of grant incentives available depending on the location, scope and scale of the planting proposal. For smaller, non-grant fundable...


05 June 2019

Woodland Grant Schemes in England

What benefits are available? The Countryside Stewardship grant scheme (CS) is currently running as a government incentive to bring unmanaged woodlands back into management. A base rate of £100/ha/year is available for a five-year period under the Woodland Improvement scheme (WD2). For this specific grant to be obtainable however, the woodland must...


31 May 2019

Red Squirrel

What?The Red Squirrel is a protected species. Both the animals and their dreys are protected by law. It is illegal to carry out any forestry work close to a Red Squirrel drey, without taking steps to positively avoid damage. Look out for:Dreys are usually built in the fork of the main...

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