Creating Woodlands For Cash, Carbon & Conservation – Scotland

Tilhill’s Managers carry out three interviews during this webinar with Tilhill’s Senior Forest Manager running through the process of a difficult site, Tilhill’s Ecologist explains the planning and survey process from an ecological point of view and Tilhill’s land-owning clients talk about diversifying their farm with the help of Tilhill. Illustrating the benefits of planting the right tree, in the right place, at the right time including:

  • The landowner’s objectives
  • Evaluating the land and farm potential
  • How agriculture can easily sit alongside tree planting
  • The woodland creation opportunities and funding
  • The Environmental benefits of woodland creation

Tilhill applied for all the permissions, did all the surveys and prepared everything for us and talked through all the potential opportunities we had with the land, helped design the scheme which is far better than I could have imagined when we first looked at the ideas ourselves and guided us through the entire process. Their support regarding timescales and everything has just been invaluable, we couldn't have done this on our own.

Shona, Wester Gatherley's