Forestry Investment Analysts

Watch the Tilhill ‘Meet The Team’ Forestry Investment Analyst series’ sharing ‘Top 3 reasons to invest in forestry’, carbon, timber, peatland and forestry as Natural Capital.

Meet The Team with Kallan Martin

Kallan Martin  is a Forestry Investment analyst based out of the Uffculme office. He studied in Bath and completed a MSc in International Business from the Queen’s University Belfast. He gained experience as a consultant with 4 years’ experience at Price Waterhouse Coopers.

Kallan has worked with large financial institutions on a global scale, helping them to identify cost saving measures and improve processes to generate more revenue.

He also has experience in forestry having worked as a Forest and Estate manager in Fort William, Scotland. He managed woodland and Highland estates, working with the owners to achieve their respective objectives.

Watch this video interview where Kallan discusses:

  • Peatland
  • Natural capital
  • Forestry Investment
  • Trends

Meet Farhan Ali, Tilhill Forestry Investment Analyst.

Find out about Farhan’s day to day job role and what he enjoys the most. Plus learn about some of the current trends in forestry investment from peatland restoration, carbon sequestration and offsetting.

Meet Xander Mahony, Tilhill Forestry Investment Analyst

Meet Xander Mahony, Tilhill Forestry Investment Analyst sharing the ‘Top 3 reasons to invest in forestry’ and discusses carbon, timber and forestry as Natural Capital. Find out:

  • Xander’s Background in the stock market and investing in technology companies
  • Working for Tilhill and the importance of tree planting
  • Xander’s job role (2:05)
  • Timber, carbon and peatland restoration as natural capital (2:57)
  • Tilhill’s forestry investment service (4:12)
  • Top reasons to invest in forestry (5:25)

Watch in full below: