Farming and Forestry

More and more farmers are realising the benefits of planting trees. Farmers are therefore taking a more integrated approach to land management, allowing them to maximise the full potential of their property. 

Woodland creation has the potential to bring less productive land back into use whilst increasing the value of your farming asset for future generations. 

Tilhill has the experience and knowledge to be able to guide you through the whole woodland creation process.  We design the woodland or forest to meet the owner’s specific objectives, apply for grants, carry out any survey work, create planting plans and choose the right species to suit each location – as well as carrying out the actual planting works and providing ongoing protection, maintenance, and advice.  

See below for fantastic examples of Farming and Forestry coming together to benefit farmers and landowners across the country.

Farming & Forestry with Jack Lydiate: Fifth Generation Welsh Farmer

Tilhill interviews Jack Lydiate, a fifth generation Welsh farmer whose family owns Tynyberth Farm, a 500 acre organic hill sheep farm. Jack had the forward vision to plant 120 acres of woodland through the Glastir Woodland Creation scheme on land that wasn’t seeing a good return. Tilhill guided him through the entire process.  

Find out more about Jack’s journey towards creating woodlands to enhance the farm income, sequester carbon and create a local home-grown timber supply. Jack also discusses the species choice and the added benefits of tree planting, plus why farmers should talk to foresters about the potential of bringing trees back to farms. Also find out Jack’s thoughts on food vs farming, and how we need to marry up sustainable farming with forestry to find the ideal balance. 

England Woodland Creation Tree Planting Case Study Interview

Tilhill’s Chartered Forester Simon Marrington interviews Estate Manager Roy Burrows on the transformation of Summerstone through Tilhill’s wooodland creation services. They talk tree species, grants, carbon, wildlife, biodiversity, flood prevention and more in this video interview.

Farming & Forestry: Wester Gatherleys Farm

An interview with cattle and sheep farmers Shona and John Patterson. Find out how they implemented woodland creation on their farm in Scotland.

John and Shona explain the benefits of using Tilhill to apply for all the planting permissions and to conduct the surveys, including all the potential opportunities for the land. Tilhill helped design the scheme and guided John and Shona through the entire process.

The Road to Net Zero. Farming & Forestry

Tilhill’s Forestry and Carbon experts discuss the use of woodland creation in the ‘Road to Net Zero’ for Farmers, in this 5 minute Farmers Weekly special.


5 minute watch.