Changing Attitudes & Forestry Perceptions

The video resources below feature interviews and videos from Tilhill managers and staff across the country sharing their insights into the perceptions and misconceptions around forestry

Forestry Perceptions & Changing Attitudes with Tilhill Ecologist

Tilhill Ecologist Jack Dunn is interviewed by Georgina Thomas to understand forestry perceptions in the UK. What are the public perceptions of forestry? What can be done to change attitudes?

Find out about the checks and measures taking place in our productive forests

Tilhill is exploring the public perception around conifer forests and the benefits, or otherwise, these woodlands bring to society, the economy, our environment and our wildlife.

Farming & Forestry with Jack Lydiate: Fifth Generation Welsh Farmer

Find out Jack’s thoughts on food vs farming, and how we need to marry up sustainable farming with forestry to find the ideal balance.

Timber Talks: Productive Forests; Societal & Economic Benefits

This episode is on site at a Forestry Land & Scotland (FLS) public productive forest in Scotland. Harry discusses the timber end products and the importance of productive forests for the economy and society as a whole alongside the benefits to wildlife. Harry touches on carbon and species choice plus he addresses the ongoing debate of conifer vs broadleaf and ‘the right tree in the right place’.

Farming & Forestry

A hot topic and debate stems around the possibility of trees and woodlands taking much needed land for food production, which is simply not the case.

Watch this Tilhill Wales webinar showing how farming & forestry work together.

Find out: How farming and forestry can work more closely together. Can trees and food be successfully grown on the same farm? What woodland creation funding opportunities exist in Wales? Is woodland creation a good use of land? How can you earn an income from timber?