Work at Height on Forest Haulage

The Work at Height Regulations have been in place since 2005 and have been a challenge for the haulage industry to meet across many sectors.

  • Some sectors have been able to install edge protection on trailers and fixed workplaces have been provided with fall arrest or platforms, but in the forest, a good solution has yet to be The FISA Forest Haulage Working Group have been working on practicable solutions to this problem.

The FISA Forest Haulage Working group has been specifically reviewing Work at Height in relation to flat HGV trailers, in particular, where drivers have to erect/disassemble bolster pins in the forest.

A video of solutions developed by WG members can be seen at: https://youtu.be/9IoDXItrY8w

Development of a simple set up of a correctly tensioned centre strap, whereby the operator can clip in using a harness is supported by HSE.

Recommendations include:

  • Any system should be reviewed against COP BS8437.
  • The centre strap meets BS EN 795 and is printed as a ‘Fall arrest only’ strap.
  • Consider use of tension indicators on the ratchet system.
  • Operator work positioning belts and lanyards designed to prevent a driver reaching the edge of a trailer should meet with EN 358.