What Next?

This is a question we should all be asking ourselves on a constant basis. Whatever we are doing we should always ask ourselves, what next?

  • What could be the consequence of my next action? How can I ensure that I achieve what I need to achieve to the right standard, without harming the environment and without hurting myself or someone else?

Our working environment constantly changes. We start work with a clear plan, but we must remain adaptable to the changing seasons and conditions. As we head from Autumn into Winter sites are becoming wetter. This can lead to environmental risk, as covered over the page, but can also lead to safety risks with slippery conditions both under foot and for vehicles and machines.

We must also look ahead to each phase of the work. Is there a valid risk assessment for each phase of the work? Does this take account of other activities taking place at the same time? Has the team on site been briefed of the hazards, constraints and controls for each phase? Where there are site boundaries, buffer zones or risk zones, have these been marked up well in advance of that phase of work starting?


  • Think about the effect each action you take will have.
  • Ensure you are applying the controls in the risk assessment.
  • Constantly review conditions and react as they change.
  • Ensure each phase of the site is prepared well in advance.
  • Most importantly if in doubt STOP and ask.