Tilhill Sponsor the Landscape Institute’s ‘Excellence in Flood and Water Management’ Awards

Tilhill has been enhancing the UK landscape since 1948 through environmentally sustainable and professional management across every aspect of our businessWe are therefore delighted to be sponsoring the Excellence in Flood and Water Management’ award at the 2020 Landscape Institute Awards.  

This award celebrates projects which are integral to the reduction of flood risk and sustainable water management, and the wider promotion of sustainable drainage schemes.  It includes projects of all scales, from large-scale interventions which contribute towards catchment or river basin management, to small site-based designs and interventions, such as rain gardens or bio–attenuation products.   

This award is open to different types of landscape works, including (but not necessarily limited to):   

  • Assessment or research   
  • Planning document   
  • Design: early/concept    
  • Design: detailed/technical   
  • Management strategy  

The LI Awards are presented to landscape professionals in recognition of their outstanding work, and to encourage excellence. Every year, the LI applauds those working on the most innovative projects to have shaped, restored and protected the natural and built environment.  

The awards shine a spotlight on the exceptional work of a diverse group of landscape professionals including landscape architects, designers, managers, planners and researchers.   

James Langdon, Tilhill’s Senior Landscaping Contracts Manager said: “We are delighted to sponsor the award for ‘Excellence in Flood and Water Management’It is a perfect fit with our forestry expertise and status as ‘Woodlands For Water’ advisors, offering landowners with expert advice and assistance in preparing high quality, environmentally compliant woodland creation applications which will help to improve water quality and reduce flood risk in key areas. 

We are looking forward to being able to reward the best quality winner. 

Entries to the awards has now closed. To attend the LI Awards 2020 order your fre ticket here.