Tilhill Launches New Website 

Tilhill, the UK’s leading forestry, timber harvesting and landscaping company today launch their new website in a desire to deliver a comprehensive, modern, and informative digital platform to an ever-growing audience. 

Tilhill’s website has, over the last few months, seen a significant growth in visitors since the instigation of initiatives such as the release of their free online woodland creation webinars and has been the go-to online destination to gain information across a wide remit of subjects including forestry investment, woodland creation advice, grant funding, and webinar recordings. The brandnew improved website can now even better accommodate visitors on an easily navigated, informative and pleasing journey, fully optimised to be able to view content effectively on the go. 

A new resource hub has been created to allow easy discovery of what is becoming an extensive collection of webinars, videos and publications such as The UK Forest Market Report and The Leader, as well as the ability to easily register for events and to download case studies and a variety of other information. 


The website contains information covering every part of the country regarding forestry and woodland management, woodland investments, timber harvesting, forest ecology, landscaping and much more. 

Tilhill has been in the forest management industry for over 70 years. The first plantations they created have been harvested, replanted and are about due for harvesting again. In fact, some of their senior staff have been with there for as long as at least one full crop rotation and really do reap what they have sown. Their graduates, on the other hand, are just planning and planting their first forests for the future. The new website illustrates the Company’s determination to move with the times in order to deliver the best service for both its clients, customers, and staff. 

Gavin Adkins, Tilhill’s Managing Director said: “We are thrilled to be launching a new fresh website that will lead the way in online services for forestry, enabling our clients and visitors to easily find the information they need in the clearest possible way.  

“Trees are at the heart of Tilhill. We help to purchase forests and woodlands, design, plant, protect and maintain them, provide the engineering skills to access the timber contained within them then harvest for the best quality timber which we market to achieve the best price for our customers. With our new initiative, CarbonStore, we also facilitate the benefits of carbon for landowners and companies. An end-to-end service for our customers. We also take our skills into the landscaping arena where the variety of our work ranges tremendously. This is why it is so important to have an up-to-date, visually fresh, information-driven website to be able to promote the skills and knowledge of our staff and to show how we can help our clients with all their forestry and landscaping requirements.”