Tilhill Forestry’s investment team expands

David Pelly MA MSc has joined Tilhill Forestry’s Investment and Property team. His appointment adds to the wealth of knowledge and resources Tilhill can provide to people wanting to invest in the forestry sector.

David, who lives in South Queensferry, Scotland, has taken on the role of Investment Forester after joining from forestry agents John Clegg & Co. Covering Central Scotland and the Highlands, David will be appraising forests, carrying out ground inspections, producing cashflow appraisals and working with solicitors to assist with the purchase of forests for clients.

Another important aspect of David’s work will be identifying key market opportunities including challenges such as restricted access for transporting the timber by road or water as Tilhill specialises in creating solutions for these issues. This is particularly timely with timber prices being high and the abundance of mature timber in Scotland that could be harvested.

He will also be on the lookout for new planting opportunities – for instance talking to farmers who might consider planting trees on grazing land in order to maximise their property’s potential value.

David said: “I am delighted to now be a member of the Tilhill Forestry’s leading UK investment team. It’s a fabulous opportunity in a role that offers huge scope for me to learn from very knowledgeable forest managers and ecologists who cover the whole of Scotland.”

The 29 year-old is well qualified for the job with an MA in Economics from Aberdeen University and an MSc in Forestry from Bangor University. He has had a wide range of practical experience including conservation work for the Estonian Fund for Nature and the Icelandic Environment Agency. Outside work David is a crew member of the South Queensferry Royal National Lifeboat Institution.