Tilhill Forestry Win Woodland Awards

Beed’s Hill Woodlands was recently awarded the The Confor Elite Stand Perpetual Trophy in the Woodland Competition at the 2018 Devon County Show.  Owned for many years by Mrs Lee, Tilhill Forestry have long managed the coniferous plantation near Axminster, East Devon.

The award was presented by Sir Harry Studholme, Chair of the Forestry Commission, to Tilhill’s local forest manager Jude Fielding who worked with harvesting manager Dave Chudleigh in overseeing the recent thinning of the Western Hemlock stand that so impressed the judges. 

The judges commented on the impeccable timing of the operations, good harvesting management and, overall, an operation well executed. Dave also played a key role in the subsequent marketing of the timber and secured a timber income for the owner that exceeded expectations.

A further 2 awards were granted for three other Tilhill Forestry managed woodlands:

South Hayne Plantation won 2nd Prize under the Stucley Perpetual Challenge for a mixed conifer stand, featuring an impressive stand of Sequoia sempervirens (coastal redwoods) which have been recently well thinned.

Turbury Cross came 3rd in the Class 1 category for a woodland area of one hectare between 5 and 20 years old for an improved Sitka spruce stand showing good leader growth and planting ground preparation.

Upon collecting his award, Jude commented: “It was very exciting to pick up the awards at the show for the three woodlands. I considered it a proud moment for our Southern England forestry team.”

When asked what Jude considers key features of good woodland management, Jude responded: “Attention to detail is key as well as planning ahead and ensuring that the operations undertaken are sensitive to the surrounding area.

“It is essential to choose the right contractor, ensuring that they have sufficient experience relative to the site conditions and tree species our managers and the client choose. It is also essential that as a management company, Tilhill Forestry provides exceptional site management so that the operation runs efficiently and professionally and our clients are satisfied with our work.”

Jude also won the 2016 Tilhill Forestry Award for outstanding performance in the MSc in Forestry in the 2015/16 academic year, having graduated with a Master’s in Forestry with Distinction.


Above image caption: Jude Fielding receiving the Trophy from Sir Harry Studholme, Chair of the Forestry Commission



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