Tilhill Forestry Launches Mentorship Programme

Tilhill Forestry is launching its mentorship programme available for up and coming members of staff within the business. Managers across the business now have the chance to give back to the future of forestry and help in the development of new staff, using their experience to share their knowledge and skills.

Training is provided and mentors are matched with the newest members of the business. 

Forest Manager Andy Baker said of being mentored: 

“The mentoring programme has been invaluable for me. We met up several times and have worked together on a number of different projects. Working in the same district has made a big difference, because we have similar pressures in terms of work and I am provided with more specific advice.” 

“The main benefits of this scheme are learning about management style and how to approach challenges in the job. Every manager deals with issues in a different way and seeing all of this allows me to take what I like from each of them to develop my own style. ” 

 Forest manager Alex MacKinnon explains:   

“The mentoring programme helped me by providing a sounding board for any questions or challenges I had. While I’m confident any manager would try to help if I went to them, it was really useful to have a designated person that knows they have been assigned responsibility of helping out.” 

“It can be a real benefit having another person to speak to about the business and get an extra view point that may well chime more closely with your own than those of your usual advisors. I would certainly recommend having a mentor to any colleagues especially In the early days of joining the company” 

Mentor and Scotland Central Manager, Andrew Vaughan says:

“I believe the process is extremely valuable to those participating as it provides support to our more junior colleagues at a critical stage in their career. It allows participants to step back briefly from their day to day responsibilities and productively focus on career, technical and personal strengths/weaknesses, opportunities and aspirations with the aim to grow individuals, perhaps challenging them where needed.”