Tilhill Forestry Award for Harper Adams Universities Top Final Year Student

The Tilhill Forestry Award was presented to Alex Pelton, 24 from Leicester at Harper Adams University by Tilhill Forestry’s Regional Manager Iwan Lloyd-Williams.

The prize was awarded to the best overall/ Top Final Year student studying modules in Sustainable Forestry and Forest Products.

Iwan Williams said: “It was a pleasure to present the Tilhill Forestry Award to Alex Pelton as recognition of his outstanding work in relation to Forest management”.

James Waterson, Senior Lecturer in Crop and Environment Sciences said “Alex has excelled in the final-year Sustainable Forestry and Forest Products module, showing a high level of strategic and applied understanding of UK and global forestry issues. He has demonstrated the ability to think independently throughout and produced highly-informed, concise and accurate work.”

Alex graduates from BSc (Hons) Countryside and Environmental Management. Alex is currently working as an environmental consultant, continuing his career development that started during his industrial placement year.