Tilhill Forestry Appointed as Agents for Woodlands For Water Project

Tilhill Forestry Appointed as Agents for Woodlands For Water Project


Tilhill Forestry have once again been appointed as agents for the Woodland For Water project by the Environment Agency and Forestry Commission England. Operating throughout Yorkshire and the North East of England until March 2019, Tilhill Forestry’s team of local managers will be providing landowners with expert advice and assistance in preparing high quality, environmentally compliant woodland creation applications which will help to improve water quality and reduce flood risk in key areas.


Tilhill Forestry’s free advisory service will help landowners to:


  • Qualify for the scheme and receive up to £6,800 per hectare for woodland creation.


  • Receive additional income of £200 per hectare for 10 years to maintain the young woodland.


  • Maximise grants and minimise costs.


  • Forecast income and expenditure.


  • Design and map woodland incorporating open space and access tracks.


  • Select tree species appropriate for the land and objectives.


  • Claim for capital items including gates and fencing.


  • Plant, protect and maintain the woodland.


  • Prepare all of the paperwork and claim grants.



Simon Marrington, Senior Forest Manager for Tilhill Forestry in North & Central England says:

“Tilhill Forestry were selected after making a formal expression of interest. This submission highlighted our local professional forest manager’s experience, depth and breadth of knowledge in forestry and woodland management and our proven track record of generating high quality woodland creation schemes which deliver multiple benefits throughout the region.


“We are tasked with providing landowners with free, expert advice on the creation of new woodlands which deliver specific environmental benefits and have a positive effect in alleviating flood risk and improving water quality in targeted river catchments.


“It is a great opportunity for us to work in partnership with government agencies and make a positive contribution to the local environment through the planning and delivery of targeted, well-designed tree planting schemes which provide multiple environmental benefits, enhance the landscape and make a valuable contribution to the regional rural economy.”


For further information and free, friendly, expert advice please contact:


Simon Marrington, Senior Forest Manager

Simon.marrington@tilhill.com,  mob: 07825193278  phone: 01653 696083