December Bulletin


Springtime is ‘Tick Time’, and we must be alert to them becoming active once more and be prepared.

Ticks are not only a risk in woodlands but also in urban areas such as parks. We must be alert to the risk and take suitable precautions. Prevention is not possible, so reduction and quick and safe removal are key. You should do a tick check at the end of each day out on site, the graphic below shows you the hot spots for tick bites.

ticks safety bulletin April 2022

We can reduce the likelihood of a tick bite by following the guidance in Tilhill’s Guidance Note GN/83. is a comprehensive guide and gives more details on the steps to take to reduce your risk.

Your best defence if you do have a tick bite is to quickly identify any ticks that are attached and safely remove using a proper tick removal tool.

Tick removal 1     Tick removal 2      Tick removal 3