Wales Grants

The National Forest for Wales with Tilhill

The Welsh Government in 2020 announced their commitment to the National Forest for Wales with a focus on: 

  • New woodland creation 
  • Restoring and maintaining Wales’ irreplaceable ancient woodlands 

The aim is to form a connected network of woodlands throughout Wales. Bringing all the social, economic and environmental benefits. 

The new managed woodlands created for the National Forest will: 

  • Provide spaces for leisure and nature 
  • Capture and store carbon 
  • Provide timber – a truly sustainable resource for construction 

Tilhill actively engaged as a stakeholder to help with the long term commitment, spanning many decades to find the best ways of helping to deliver the National forest. 

Tilhill already has a number of sites that form part of the Wales National Forest some offering evidence of providing one of the last remaining bastions for Red Squirrels  and a habitat for Pine Martin, Goshawks, Nightjars and Black Grouse which are all important European Protected Species.