Staying Alert to Covid

As we enter into our fourth month of Covid affecting our daily lives, lockdown restrictions have started to ease and more businesses are able to open up.

  • This is good news but does come with the risk of Covid starting to spread once again. A drug, already readily available, has been shown to improve treatments in hospital and trials have started of a vaccine, but Covid still presents a real and deadly risk to us all. We must remain alert and ensure our worksites and working practices remain Covid Secure to the best of all our abilities.

We have well established Covid Guidelines for sites, which we shared with a group that pulled together the FISA Guide. We will continue to keep abreast of changes and keep this guidance updated. With the ‘2 metre’ rule changing in England to ‘1 metre plus’ we have decided that we will be maintaining the policy of 2 metres on our sites. Our guidance already includes provisions for those few jobs where 2 metres cannot be maintained.

We may be seeing Lockdown being eased at a different pace in the three countries, but one thing that is common to all is more members of the public out and about in woodlands and parks. We need to manage their access to site. A new public facing Covid Social Distancing sign now available for Tilhill sites.

We will be distributing through July our ‘Insist ON Safe Distancing’ stickers to act as reminders to maintain social distancing. FISA has produced their own sticker and Forestry Land Scotland (FLS) has released their Covid sign designs. Please contact technical@ukfisa.com for their version of stickers and FLS sign designs.