Safety & Assurance bulletin May 2022


Weevils, or to give them their correct name, Hylobius abietis, continue to be the most serious pest when it comes to restocking a site.

Many of are you are aware there is much work that continues to be done to develop alternatives to chemicals for weevil control.
One current method of control is the use of Gazelle SG. The ‘weevil’ season is now upon us, and for those of you who are currently planning post­planting spraying operations here are a few timely aide­memoires:

  • Gazelle SG must not exceed 416g per hectare. However, the product is a fine powder which is difficult to weigh out on site, the solution is therefore to use volume (ml) when calibrating.
  • A couple of pieces of specific equipment will be required for Gazelle spraying, these include a thread converter and a measuring cylinder. Speak to the Assurance Team if you require assistance. See Toolbox Talk: Gazelle SG Mixing and Application (TT/84) and Guidance: Gazelle SG Mixing for Top Spraying (GN/FT/24) for more details.
  • The correct COSHH assessment must be available on site, understood and followed.
  • By law, everyone who uses pesticides professionally must have received adequate training in using pesticides safely and be skilled in the job they are carrying out. On certified properties remember that the ESRA must also be completed.
  • Users of Professional Plant Protection Products must register with DEFRA, full details here.